Blink vs Ring: Which is Best Security System?

Blink vs Ring: Which is Best Security System?

The safety of homes comes first on the priority list of everyone. Amazon and other brands have brought you the best security cameras and video doorbells. Just like any other product rivalry another security camera rivalry seems to be prevailing in the market. It is none other than the Blink and the Ring rivalry. Both these brands are sibling companies owned by Amazon. Where one of the brands gathers more attention the other one looks more affordable. If you are confused to pick one among the two you are at the right place. This article is going to be a perfect guide as here we will be discussing everything about Blink vs Ring battle. Apart from that you will also read about how is Blink different than Ring and Blink and Ring subscription plan.

Blink vs Ring: Which is Best Security System?

Blink vs Ring: Which is Best Security System?

In this guide, you will get to know about which security system is best between Blink vs Ring, Blink and Ring Subscription and many more in detail.

What is Blink?

Blink Website

Blink is an Amazon company that provides affordable home security goods including different types of cameras and video doorbells. It does not contain any wire, requires no contracts, and its batteries last for more than two years. You will be reading about other features of the Blink camera in detail as we proceed further with the article.

What is Ring?

Ring Website. Blink vs Ring: Which is Best Security System?

The Ring is another Amazon company that provides you with an innovative and versatile set of video doorbells, alarm kits, chime pro, and security cameras. The best part about Ring is that you can pick a desired product from various ranges from indoor to outdoor, wired to wireless at an affordable price. Further in the article, you will see comparisons like Blink vs Ring security cameras and other categories to help you find a suitable pick.

Blink vs Ring Similarities

To understand the differences between the two, let’s first begin by understanding the similarities. We have listed the similarities below:

  • You can find both companies selling indoor and outdoor security cameras.
  • Installation of Bling and Ring cameras requires more or less similar time and can be done yourself.
  • There are no contracts whatsoever for any subscription plans, you can continue or cancel it according to your convenience.
  • Both brands enable remote connection to your mobile via apps, so that you can access it on your phone while away.

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Blink vs Ring Security Camera

Though both brands have similar features they vary in multiple ways. It is the differences that we will be discussing here. We have jotted down the differences under various heads.

  • Camera Price: As we have mentioned above, both are Amazon brands and one of the brands gathers more attention while the other one looks more affordable. The ring is the one that garners attention with its products and prices whereas Blink takes on the Budget role. Most Blink cameras cost less than $100. However, that does not mean Ring does not have any budget security cameras, you can spot a few of them.
  • Spotlights and Floodlights: Some of the Ring cameras contain built-in spotlights which provide you with colored recordings in the dark. These camera models are also termed Spotlight security cameras. On the other hand, Blink consists of a model with a dim light relatively and is called the floodlight.
  • Video storage: As mentioned above, both brands have similar cloud storage. Blink enables you to save videos in local video storage, that is up to 256 GB on a USB stick without the need to have subscribed to a plan contrary to the Ring where video storage works based on the plans you have subscribed to.
  • Ecosystem: Ring supports third-party products with its security camera line, as they do not manufacture smart locks in contrast Blink does not sell any other products apart from security devices.
  • Professional Monitoring: Both brands offer self-monitoring but it is only Ring that provides 24/7 professional monitoring which works only for the doorbells.

These were a few of the differences in terms of the security cameras. Moving on we will be discussing Blink and Ring subscriptions.

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Blink and Ring Subscription

Let’s get started with the Blink subscription plans. Blink provides you with two plans, which are a Basic and a Plus plan. Both plans give you an option of a monthly and yearly subscription. You can find the price of the plans in the comparison table that is given below. On the Other hand, Ring provides you with three plans which are Basic, Plus, and Pro. Just like Blink, these plans can opt for a monthly or yearly subscription. Ring also provides you with this Ring Protect Pro plan for double the price. The specialty of this plan is that you get additional professional monitoring and cellular backup.

Plans Blink Ring
Basic- Monthly $3 $3.99
Basic- Yearly $30 $39.99
Plus – Monthly $10 $10
Plus – Yearly $100 $100
Pro – Monthly $20
Pro – Yearly $200

Now that you are clear with Blink and Ring Subscription plans, you can pick one for yourself accordingly.

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Blink vs Ring Indoor Camera

It is claimed that any of the Blink can be placed indoors. You can pick among the two – The Plugin Black Mini and the battery-powered Blink Indoor. On the other hand, Ring provides users with a much smaller plug-in Ring Indoor Cam, that functions similarly to the Black Mini but is relatively expensive. While considering other Ring indoor cameras like the Stick Up Cam, you will also find that it contains a battery as well as a plug-in version. These devices despite being named indoors are waterproof and can be placed outside as well whereas the Blink Indoor is Lithium AA battery powered but lacks Waterproofing. You can make a rational choice considering your budget and other factors that we will be discussing below. Next in the article, you will be reading about Blink vs Ring outdoor cameras.

Blink vs Ring Outdoor Cameras

Blink outdoor cameras are similar to Indoor cameras in terms of functions and battery life what differs is the complete black waterproof finish. Contrary to the Blink, Ring displays a set of more choices with multiple Stick Up Cams and a PoE (Power over Ethernet) camera which is popularly known as the Ring Stick Up Cam Elite. Another distinction that we spotted is between the Ring Spotlight Cam and Blink Outdoor Floodlight. The Ring Spotlight Cam consists of 2000 lumens of light while the Blink Floodlight contains 700 lumens of light, which is a notable difference.

Now, as we discuss the battery part your perception might change. The Ring cameras are packed with rechargeable Lithium batteries, while the Blink accessories contain 4 D batteries. The Lithium batteries of the Ring requires to be charged every couple of week which is a tedious task. Apart from the expensive camera, a major chunk of money is also spent on having spare Ring Rechargeable battery packs. Moreover, if you consider the price the Blink Outdoor Camera and the mount costs less than the Ring Spotlight Cam. Let’s move on to see Blink and Ring integration as apps.

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Blink and Ring Integration

Both Blink and Ring apps provide customers with a simple and easy-to-use interface. You can use the apps to view the real-time footage. When subscribed to a plan like Ring Protect Pro you can also view the previously recorded footage. The app gives you timely notifications to your mobile device alerts. Since both brands are owned by Amazon, you can easily integrate both brand devices with Alexa. You can make use of Alexa-enabled smart speakers to set an alert when these security cameras detect motion. Further in the article, you will also have a look at how is Blink different than Ring.

How is Blink Different than Ring?

If you are still wondering which one to pick in the battle of Blink vs Ring, then you need to stick through as we have a more simplified answer. Reading this article will clear all sorts of doubts like how is Blink different than Ring or which one to pick.

No. Category Blink Ring
1. Type of cameras Indoor and Outdoor Indoor and Outdoor
2. Installation Self Self
3. 24/7 Monitoring Not Available Available but not for Cameras
4. Home Automation Integrated with Alexa Integrated with Alexa
5. iOS App Rating 4.0/5 3.5/5
6. Android App Rating 4.0/5 3.5/5
7. Price $3 per month $3.99 per month
8. Money-back Guarantee None 30 days

Blink vs Ring Pros and Cons

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of both brands for a better understanding.

Pros and cons of Blink

No. Pros Cons
1. Provides long battery life in wireless models. Contains only a few wired options.
2. Find cameras at affordable prices. Limited camera models are available.
3. Enables you to access affordable cloud storage and provides local storage features. Local storage of the devices requires extra accessories.
4. Detects Motion and gives alerts. These motion detection features are limited.

Pros and Cons of Ring

No. Pros Cons
1. Provides a huge array of security camera and doorbell options. Cost of these home security devices is higher than blink.
2. Offers other home security accessories as well. Low smart home compatibility issues.
3. Contains rechargeable batteries in multiple types. Faces Short battery life.
4. Consists of person alert features. Lacks enough smart motion detection features.
5. Provides affordable cloud storage. Videos cannot be stored without a subscription.


If you are considering a camera-based security system, you need to make a smart choice between the two. This can be done based on the choices you want considering your family and budget. We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to learn about Blink vs Ring difference, Blink and Ring subscription and many more. Let us know if you found the article helpful. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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