18 Best Custom PC Builder Websites For You

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When it comes to PCs, each user has their own unique needs and preferences. When you can build your system, you get the freedom to assemble individual components, rather than buying a pre-built or mass-produced computer. Custom PC builder websites are where users can select hardware components such as the processor, graphics card, memory, storage, and more based on their needs and budget. So, in this blog, we will be sharing some of the best websites available, that even novices can try. Let’s get started.

Best custom pc builder websites

Top Custom PC Builders

Making a PC from scratch can be less expensive than purchasing a pre-built system with the same specifications. It involves a step-by-step configuration. Once you have selected their required components and the configuration is complete, you can review the choices, make adjustments, and then proceed to purchase the final product.

CYBERPOWERPC Low price, Faster shipping, Huge selection of components 3 years on labor and 1 year on parts 4.7
iBuyPower Good customer service, Installment plans 3 years on labor and 1 year on parts 4.7
BLD by NZXT Value for money, PCs are assembled by trained professionals 2 years parts replacement 4.6
Newegg  Different levels of PC and a wide range of parts. Also offers a compatibility checker. Same as the product manufacturer’s warranty  4.6
Origin PC Thousands of pre-built PCs, workstations, and laptops 1 year 4.5



CyberPowerPC is for beginners looking forward to building a custom PC. With over 20 years of experience in the sector and asserts of building more than 5,000 fully customized computers every day, it is one of the well-known brands. They are specialists in gaming PCs and high-end systems and offer a wide range of hardware components. Even though the prices are comparatively cheaper, you get a three-year labor and one-year parts warranty.  

2. iBuyPower


iBuyPower custom PC maker specializes in powerful gaming machines. Since they started doing business in 1999, they have developed a reputation for offering high-quality gear at competitive prices. Customers can choose from a wide variety of customization choices at iBuyPower to create a product that best fits their demands and budget. It is a renowned custom PC builder website for using premium components like Intel, AMD processors, NVIDIA, and AMD graphics cards. Presently they operate in the USA and Canada. 

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3. BLD by NZXT


BLD by NZXT seems to be a top favorite among do-it-yourself custom PC builders as it sells parts for customers who want to assemble their systems. Hence they are comparatively affordable and value for money. It targets gaming PCs as it analyzes the games and suggests components of the highest caliber tailored for them. It’s user-friendly with excellent customer service. Moreover, their shipping process is also quick.

4. Origin PC

Origin PC

To meet the demands of gamers, multimedia producers, and other power users, Origin PC specializes in creating high-end, fully customized computers and workstations. They provide prebuilt PCs that may be customized and are a good option for anyone searching for a high-quality, configurable desktop built to their exact specifications. Hence if you are not tech-savvy, this website can help you easily find the best hardware system for you.

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5. Newegg PC Builder

Newegg PC builder

On Newegg, customers can choose from a wide range of parts. Not only that, the custom PC builder tool is very user-friendly. It also provides a compatibility checker which is helpful for beginners who are constructing their system from the ground up. You can choose whether you want an entry-level PC, a mid-level, or an enthusiast level, and compare different components, so you know what you need to look for in your PC.

6. Digital Storm

Digital Storm

Digital Storm specializes in creating unique gaming PCs. On their website, you may both create your bespoke rig and choose from a variety of pre-designed systems that can be further customized. Their passion lies in giving their clients unmatched performance and value. With over 21 years of experience, they are one of the most reliable custom PC builder websites on the market today. Moreover, they offer international distribution services.

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7. Xidax


Xidax enables users by providing a choice of PC builds with a range of hardware options. Users of prebuilt PCs from Xidax can also change individual components to meet their unique needs and workflow. The lifetime parts and labor warranty that Xidax offers on its desktop computers is one of its primary selling features. It also provides a 20 percent restocking fee that applies to the 45-day money-back guarantee.


Singularity Computers

Singularity Computers offers services for constructing custom PCs and PC case modifications, including liquid-cooling goods. It is renowned for producing innovative and high-quality products, including the first chassis with integrated liquid cooling and cases with shortened build times because of integration. Other features they offer include real-time and proactive threat resolution at the computational edge (enabled by Singularity).

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9. AVA Direct

AVA Direct

AVA Direct is unquestionably to take into consideration if you’re seeking a premium, custom-built computer. It focuses on producing desktops, laptops, workstations, and servers of the highest caliber for both commercial and residential use. They have been in operation for more than twenty years and can provide high-end gaming PC components. Lastly, they offer a two-year labor warranty and one year on parts.

10. Build My PC

Build my PC

Build My PC is a user-friendly online configurator and PC builder by iBuyPower that specializes in PC setups for gaming, streaming, producing content, and productivity. In addition, the business provides expert testing and assembly, customer service, and warranty terms. You can be assured about quality and compatibility.

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11. Falcon Northwest

Falcon Northwest custom PC builders and manufacturers make high-performance systems for workstations, gaming, and creative professionals. They only use premium components from reputable suppliers thereby. Additionally, they provide a range of customization choices, including case design and artwork, hardware and software upgrades, which is why have received a lot of accolades.


Maingear provides a variety of goods and services geared towards gamers and other power users. They offer desktops, laptops, and workstations that can be ordered pre-made or manufactured to order. Customers can choose their preferred setup on the website and add any adjustments they might need using a user-friendly interface. Customers can also contact the Pro Solutions Group for assistance if necessary.

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13. Computer Upgrade King

Computer Upgrade King focuses on dedicated PC systems for gaming and productivity. They provide a wide range of customization possibilities, including pre-built and custom setups. Since CUK uses premium components from trusted manufacturers they are well-known for their high-quality builds and customer service. Additionally, they provide free lifelong technical assistance making it one of the top custom PC builder websites.

14. CLX

CLX offers powerful machines built for demanding applications like gaming. They create unique desktops and laptops employing premium components, such as liquid cooling, and overclocked processors. They also have excellent cable management for a tidy, well-built structure and may customize your PC in a variety of ways. When it comes to warranty, they offer it for one year on parts and labor.

15. Puget Systems

Puget Systems deals in custom PCs for clients and is known for producing high-end, dependable systems. It is well known for its emphasis on making product recommendations and selling goods that they believe in. They also provide a variety of desktops and laptops and use a consultative approach with its clients, to help them choose the best solutions depending on their requirements. And the best part is they provide a warranty on components and labor for life.

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System integrator Skytech Gaming creates prebuilt and custom computers for gaming and creative activities. They provide high-end systems to affordable ones and use premium parts from well-known manufacturers like AMD, NVIDIA, and ASUS. Their prebuilt systems are built with potent CPUs and GPUs that can handle the most recent games and taxing creative programs to deliver the finest gaming experience possible.


PCPartPicker is a well-liked internet resource for custom PC builder websites. It provides customers with a straightforward approach by allowing them to choose PC components. A sizable database of computer components is available from PCPartPicker, including motherboards, CPUs, graphics cards, memory, storage, power supply, cases, and more. You can even track price changes over time.

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Based on your unique needs, CGDirector is a program that may assist you in finding the ideal computer components for your PC build or workstation. It enables you to pick the ideal CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and other gear for your particular job. As they provide benchmarks, evaluations, and detailed hardware insight, for people who deal with 3D modeling, animation, video editing, graphic design, gaming, and other demanding applications, the CGDirector PC-Builder is a great option

We hope that our blog on the best custom PC builder websites helped you find the perfect one as per your needs and preferences. Do let us know in the comments section below if you have any queries or suggestions for us. Stay tuned to TechCult for more informative reviews.

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