XNSPY Review: Features, Price, And Login Process

You would have come across the XNSPY name if you were looking for a parental control app to keep an eye on your child without being overprotective. Pretty sure as a parent, you would want the best security measures at your disposal.

So, is this a platform you can rely on, or is it just another high praise no performance deal? Find it out as we talk about different aspects like XNSPY price and features today.

XNSPY Review: Features, Price, And Login Process

XNSPY Review: Features And Price

For every parent out there, XNSPY is a platform that can put your mind at ease with some amazing features to keep an eye on your child without being too interrupting.

Let’s look at some of the features that make XNSPY a wise choice:

1. Browser History – Out of all the things that parents are worried about, browser history always remains on top. Through XNSPY, you can now check what your child is looking at and what content they are being exposed to.

You not only get to see the visited websites and bookmarks but also the websites that are visited in the incognito mode. Moreover, you also get a browser history analysis that helps you to know which are the most visited websites.

2. Text Spying – spying via text becomes important as children today mainly communicate via text. Hence, the text spying feature is very effective as it helps you not only need to just text being exchanged but also with the contact list, and the timestamps and you can also search for specific words in the text chains.

You can create a watchlist according to which you will be receiving alerts and emails.

3. Geozoning – Geozoning is a smart feature that helps you to track the live location of your child. In addition to this, you can also create zones or specific areas. Whenever your child enters any zone, you will be notified about it immediately.

4. Call Log Monitoring– another amazing feature that allows you a deeper spy on your child. With the call log monitoring feature, you can check the numbers dialed from your child’s phone, the calls received and also the calls missed.

With this, you also get to know about the times the location of your child during a specific call. You will also be able to access call recording recordings. If you find any suspicious number or a call.

5. Messaging Spy – if your child is using any other form of social media platform for texting or communicating apart from text messages, then this feature comes in handy. XNSPY covers all the major social media applications through which messages can be exchanged.

6. Email Monitoring– similar to text message monitoring, you can see the email ID and the emails that are exchanged. Moreover, you can also create a watchlist.

7. Surrounding Spying – With XNSPY, you can also send out a remote signal to record the noise in the surrounding area.

8. Photo Gallery Access – With this feature, you can easily access all the media that is stored in your child’s gallery.

9. Remote Control – To prevent the overuse of mobile phones, you can remotely access the phone and lock or delete an app that’s used incessantly.

10. Screen Recorder – To avoid the hassle of scrolling through the messages that you want to check, you can simply use this feature. This feature takes a screenshot every 5 seconds.

11. Wi-Fi Network Logs Monitoring – This feature helps you to know all the Wi-Fi networks that your child uses and can help you to get an idea about their whereabouts according to their timetables.

12. Calendar Monitoring – To take spying to the next level, XNSPY also offers calendar entry monitoring that can give you insight into any upcoming parties or events that your child has marked.

13. 24/7 Alerts – You cannot spy on your child every second, this is where the alert features come to rescue. You can set alerts at any time, be it location tracking messages, or emails. What’s amazing is that you also get an alert if your child is trying to change SIM cards.


The pricing for XNSPY falls into the average category as compared to other parental control applications available on the web. For XNSPY, the pricing is as follows:

  • The first of the pricing categories is for the monthly plan. If you opt for the monthly plan on XNSPY, you will have to pay $35.99 per month.
  • The second plan is quarterly. Here you can enjoy the services for three months. The pricing is $60. if you offer this plan, the monthly cost for using XNSPY is $20 per month.
  • The 3rd plan is a yearly plan where you can enjoy the services for 12 months. To avail of this plan you will have to pay $90. By, you get the services of XNSPY for a mere $7.50 per month.

Note – the prices might vary a little as per your location. Moreover, there are ongoing discounts at different times of the year and hence you can get the full package of XNSPY for a lot cheaper.

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Is XNSPY Free to Download and Use?

No, you can only download and use XNSPY after paying for the subscription plan of your choice.

Can I Get a Demo For XNSPY for Android?

Yes, you can get a live demo for XNSPY for Android. You can do so by visiting their official webpage and clicking on the get demo option.

Click on Live Demo | XNSPY Review: Features, Price, And Login Process

How To Download And Signup for XNSPY APK

Whether you want to download XNSPY or sign up on the platform, it can be done in a few simple steps. Below are the steps that you can follow:

1. Visit the official website for XNSPY.

2. Next, Tap on Buy Now.

3. Tap on Buy Now on your choice of plan. You can then select the target device you want to use.

Click on Buy now

4. You will receive a URL for downloading the app on the target phone.

5. Now install the app on the target phone as per the instructions.

Note – You might need to allow access to some settings for the app to work in the best manner.

How To Login on XNSPY

Logging on to the XNSPY Portal is like any other login. Follow the steps below for a quick login:

1. Visit the login page.

2. Now enter the username and password that is provided to you via email, and Tap on Login.

Enter username and password and click on Login | XNSPY Review: Features, Price, And Login Process

That’s it, you have now successfully logged in to the XNSPY platform.

XNSPY vs FlexiSPY: Which One Should I Go For?

FlexiSPY has been widely appreciated because of the number of features but apparently, the control panel is a little hard to navigate through. On the other hand, although the number of features in XNSPY is a little less, all the features are useful for any user.

Moreover, the control panel for XNSPY is very user-friendly and you do not need to waste hours understanding the workaround.

The main reason why you would want a spy app is so that it is invisible to the person who is going to be spied upon. The 100% stealth mode in XNSPY proves to be of high importance and is much more reliable than other platforms of a similar kind.

So in terms of ease of use, compatibility, reliability, and results, XNSPT is a little better than FlexiSPY.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I Track More Than One Device With XNSPY?

No, under one subscription for XNSPY, you can only track one device. However, you can have multiple subscriptions under one account.

Q2. Is XNSPY Legit?

Yes, XNSPY complies with all the security standards and provides legitimate services.

Q3. Is Tracking Via XNSPY Detectable?

No, tracking via XNSPY is not detectable at all. It is completely invisible to the user of the device being detected.

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If you have a child who uses a phone, then it must make you anxious about what kind of content they are watching or which apps they use. Parental control settings in smartphones do not offer complete tracking calls; hence, a more robust solution becomes important. Although XNSPY has tons of features, XNSPY price leans onto the expensive side. It is all about your preference and budget in the end. We hope this XNSPY Review: Features, Price, And Login Process helps you to decide whether it is Yay or Nay for you! Happy Parenting!

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