Women are more tech savvy than they realize

Don’t believe us? Read along!

Women’s role in technology is one that has been analyzed time and again from several different angles. It’s true that not enough women are within the technology fields, but women are not less tech-savvy than men, as this new study shows. They asked both sexes if they felt that they were extremely tech-savvy. Only 55% of the women said yes, whereas 79% of the men thought they were. They also were asked if they get overwhelmed by buzzwords and CE terminology when shopping for technology; 18% of women said yes, and 7% of men. The odd twist is that those same people were, in turn, asked to explain what 1080p meant. 25% of men gave the wrong answer, but surprisingly despite their lack of confidence in the tech world, only 17% of the women answered incorrectly.

Women are more attached to their tech toys than men too. When asked to choose between giving up their computer or caffeine, 82% of women chose the computer, and 75% chose the same. It was also discovered that women were more willing to admit when they didn’t know the answer, rather than giving a false one. The difference in percentages between men and women is not all that drastic. However, even the slight difference in numbers suggests that the common female is smarter about her tech toys than she realizes. It was even discovered that a larger percentage of females knew what MB meant. Hopefully, other companies will begin to see this alteration and perhaps release more electronics for females. Preferably not by just painting their typical electronics Pepto Bismol pink.

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