Why Does PS4 Say Credit Card Information is Not Valid?

Encountering an error message on your PS4 that states your credit card information is not valid can be frustrating, especially when you’re trying to make a purchase on the PlayStation Network (PSN). This issue can prevent you from accessing and enjoying various games and content. In this brief guide, we’ll explore some common reasons why your PS4 may display this error and provide you with practical solutions to resolve it.

Why Does PS4 Say Credit Card Information is Not Valid? | add funds to my wallet on PS4

Why Does PS4 Say Credit Card Information is Not Valid?

The main reason for PS4 say credit card information is not valid can be minor mistakes like mentioned below:

1. Incorrect Information: Double-check that all credit card details like card number, expiration date, security code, and billing address are entered correctly and match the information on file with your credit card provider.

2. Expired Card: Ensure that your credit card hasn’t expired. Sometimes, even a recently expired card can cause this issue.

3. Billing Address Mismatch: The billing address you entered must exactly match the address associated with your credit card. This includes any specific formatting or abbreviations used by your bank.

4. Card Type Not Supported: Verify that your card type (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) is supported by the PlayStation Network.

5. Insufficient Funds: Make sure your card has enough funds to cover the purchase.

6. Bank Authorization Required: Sometimes, banks require authorization for online transactions, especially if it’s a large amount or an unusual purchase. Contacting your bank can resolve this.

7. Temporary Network Issues: Occasionally, the PlayStation Network might have issues processing payments. Trying again later can sometimes solve the problem.

8. Security Holds: If there have been multiple failed attempts to add the credit card, the system might temporarily block further attempts for security reasons. Waiting for a while before trying again can help.

9. Regional Restrictions: Ensure that your PSN account region matches the region where your credit card was issued.

10. Prepaid credit cards shouldn’t be used since AVS won’t work with them and they frequently don’t require an address to be associated.

11. Avoid using special characters like asterisks (*), hyphens (-), apostrophes (‘), and slashes (/) if your address contains a flat or apartment number or if your name or address also includes any of these.

12. Please substitute the closest letter from the 26-letter Latin alphabet for any characters in your name or address that begin with the letters ß, ä, or ç, such as ss for ß, a for ä, or c for ç.

Why does PS4 Say Your Credit Card has Expired and Try Another Payment Method?

Here are some reasons why your PS4 says your credit card has expired and try another payment method:

  • On the PS4, the WS-43709-3 error code frequently appears when your credit card has expired or you’ve used an improper payment method.
  • Other technical concerns, such as faults with your software or down servers, should be taken into account as well.
  • The reason for the error code on your console might be because Sony’s engineers are performing system maintenance on their servers or they are having technical difficulties.
  • The WS-43709-3 error code might be brought on by an issue with the game licenses you’ve bought. When you transfer from an old Playstation to a new one, this typically occurs.
  • There might be issues with the update. On its console, Sony regularly releases updates to make sure everything is working properly. To resolve any errors or malfunctions that may have happened, consider upgrading the system version on your PS4 if you get the WS-43709-3 error code.

Why isn’t My Debit Card Working on PS4?

Here are some of the reasons why your debit card isn’t working on PS4:

  • The majority of debit cards are accepted by PlayStation Store, while some payment options are not supported. See if your card type is supported by PlayStation Store by visiting the page listing acceptable payment methods.
  • You might be unable to register your card as a payment option on the PlayStation Store if you’ve instructed your payment provider to block online payments.
  • It’s conceivable that your payment information can’t be captured if PlayStation Network is having problems. In order to avoid entering your payment information more than once, please check the PSN status page and wait until all services are lit up green. You could discover that it is impossible to link your debit card if it is registered to an address in a different nation than the region where your PlayStation Store is located.

If the problem continues, please get in touch with your bank or card issuer to make sure the payment method has been authorized, that there are funds available, and that it hasn’t been stopped.

Why Can’t I Add Funds to My Wallet on PS4?

Let’s see why you can’t add funds to your wallet on PS4:

  • Information from an invalid card: Entering the incorrect card information is the most frequent cause of your PS4 wallet payment not processing. Verify both the billing address and the card details twice.
  • No such payment method: Not having a legitimate payment method connected to your account is an additional common cause. Your card could have run out of money, been denied or rejected, or there might be a problem with your bank. A frozen card or a low balance is only two examples of the many possible causes for this. Your credit or debit card has to be active, have enough money on it, and be registered in the same country as the PlayStation shop.
  • Incorrect billing address: The system might not have correctly read it and may have issued you an error message if you used any unusual characters in any of the mandatory fields.
  • Weak internet connection: If your card is working properly, it’s likely that your Wi-Fi connection isn’t powerful enough to support the transaction.
  • The PS4 Network Servers are down: It’s also conceivable that the inability to fund your PS4 wallet has nothing to do with you. It’s possible that PS4 is experiencing some difficulties or that they are performing brief line maintenance. These causes will result in a brief outage of the servers.
  • Your account is locked: Your account being locked is an additional potential cause. If you try to log in too many times without success, this might happen.
  • Your current location is in another country: Additionally, if you reside in a nation that the Sony Entertainment Network does not support, you might not be able to add money to your PS4 wallet.

Why do PS4 Credit Card Information is Not Valid WC-34737-4 Error Occurs?

When attempting to add a new payment on PlayStation 4, you can see the error WC-34737-4, which states that the information is not acceptable. This problem could still exist as a result of widespread problems, like inaccurate information, problems with the PS4 server, regional problems, etc.

How Can I Add Funds to My Wallet on PS4?

Now that you know why it says your credit card has expired, let us know how to add funds to my wallet on PS4. It is not particularly difficult to add money to your PSN Wallet, which is used to download content for your favorite games or to make digital purchases of full-length retail products.

1. Go to the home screen on your PS4 and choose Settings.

Select Settings from the main menu PS4

2. Choose Account Management.

3. Go to Account Information.

4. Select Wallet.

choose Wallet | Why Does PS4 Say Credit Card Information is Not Valid?

5. Select Add Funds.

6. Select PayPal, a credit or debit card, or a gift card out of the available payment methods.

Note: If you don’t already have any associated payment methods, you must add one.

7. Choose the desired amount of cash, and select the Continue option.

8. Choose Yes to proceed when prompted by a confirmation notice.

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How to Fix PS4 Credit Card Information is Not Valid WC-34737-4 Error?

Re-register your payment method if it is showing credit card information is not valid WC-34737-4 error.

Here are the steps to re-register your credit card:

Note 1: It’s possible that this is only a short-term problem. Please try again after 24 hours.

Note 2: Please be aware that you can temporarily lose the ability to alter your payment information if you register or remove it many times in a short period of time. If this occurs, kindly try again in 24 hours.

1. Go to Settings to update your payment details or register a new payment method.

2. Choose Account Management > Account Information.

Select Account Information | add funds to my wallet on PS4

3. Select Wallet.

4. Go to Payment Methods > desired payment method.

5. Select Delete > Yes to delete the method completely from your PS4.

Select Delete - Yes to delete the method completely from your PS4 | Why Does PS4 Say Credit Card Information is Not Valid? | add funds to my wallet on PS4

6. Return to the Payment Methods menu and select Add a PayPal Account or Add a Credit/Debit Card to add the new payment method on PS4.

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