Where is the Learn More Button on Facebook?

Locate the Learn More button for insights into the services of a specific page on this social network.

Facebook is an excellent social media platform to build your online presence and grow your business. The More or Learn More button is a Call to Action (CTA) button, which can be used by business accounts on this platform. It serves as a valuable tool to interact with potential customers and direct them to your website or online store. In this tutorial, we will explain where is the Learn More button on your Facebook profile as well as the page.

Where is the Learn More Button on Facebook?

Where is the Learn More Button on Facebook?

The Learn More button is generally present under the cover photo of your Facebook page, along with other CTA buttons. It is linked to your website or online store, so your page visitors get redirected when they click on it.

The Learn More button on Facebook page

How to Add a Learn More Button to Your Facebook Posts?

Learn More is one of the CTA buttons offered by Facebook, which can be used to drive traffic to your website through your Facebook page. To add this button, follow the steps given below.

1. Visit the Facebook website and Log in to your account by providing the required credentials.

2. Switch to your Business page.

3. Click on the Page name from the left pane, as shown.

Click on your profile name from the left menu

4. Click on Add an action button.

Click on Add an action button

5. Scroll down and select the Learn more radio button.

Scroll down and click on Learn more

6. Then, click on Next.

Then, click on Next

7. Enter the website link in the text field that you want users to get redirected to.

8. Finally, click on Save.

Finally, click on Save

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What is the Maximum Number of CTA Buttons That I Can Add to My Facebook Page?

There is no limit on the number of CTA buttons that you can add to your Facebook Business profile page. However, it is advisable to use not more than three CTA buttons on your page. This reduces clutter and does not confuse your visitors with many options to contact you.

Facebook offers various types of actions buttons, some of which are listed below:

  • Learn more
  • Send email
  • Contact us
  • Message us
  • Call us
  • Buy Now
  • Watch Now
  • Reserve

We hope this guide has helped you find where is the Learn More button on Facebook. This Call to Action button can turn out to be a boon for your business by driving more traffic from your page. In case you have any doubts or suggestions, leave them in the comments below. Looking forward to seeing you in our next guide!

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