Where Do Snips Go on Windows 10?

Windows 10 gives us the convenience of taking screenshots directly from our desktops. So, whether you want to save an outfit concept or snippet from a presentation, you can easily do so by capturing snips. But where do these snips go on Windows 10 when you wish to access them? Well, we are here to solve that mystery for you! Stay tuned until the end.

Where Do Snips Go on Windows 10

Where Do Snips Go on Windows 10?

The treasure hunt of finding your screenshots is now over. How you take snips from your PC plays a big role in where these are located.

Option 1: Via Shortcut

If you have taken a screenshot of your screen via the shortcut keys Windows + Print sc, or Windows + Shift + S, follow the steps mentioned below to find your snip on Windows 10:

1. Open File Explorer and click on This PC.

2. Click on Pictures from the left menu.

3. Select Screenshots.

Click on Pictures from the left menu. Select Screenshots

Option 2: Via Snip & Sketch or Snipping Tool

The Snip & Sketch application is another way users take screenshots of their screen. If you fall under the same umbrella, here’s how you can find your snips:

1. Go to the action section and click on Screen snip.

2. Take a screenshot and click on the pop up notification.

Note: You can also click on the clipboard where the snip automatically is located.

3. Copy the picture or save it using MS Paint.

This way you can directly access your snips from the notification panel or clipboard.

Can I Save Snips to a Specific Location on Windows 10?

Yes, if you take a screenshot using the Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch, then you can save any snips to a specific location on your Windows PC. Simply right-click over the clip and select the Saves as option to choose any desired folder or location you wish to save the image.

Are Snips Backed Up by Windows 10?

No, since snips captured using the Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch show on the clipboard and not under some designated folder, they are not backed up automatically.

Can I Change the Default Location for Snips on Windows 10?

Yes, you can change the default save location for snips. Just click on the Save as option and choose the folder of your choice.

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Now that you have found out where snips go on Windows 10, capture screenshots and locate them easily.

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