What Is Void Document Oncontextmenu=null? Enable The Right Click

Have you ever encountered a situation where you want to copy an inspiring quote or inspect a particular element, but the right-click menu simply doesn’t work? This is where void document oncontextmenu=null works.

The internet world is growing at an exceptionally exponential rate, and many websites have great content. We sometimes want to save content for future use, but as soon as you try to right-click to save the content, you will see an error message stating “Sorry, this functionality has been disabled by the administrator.” The error usually means that the site administrator or owner has disabled right-click option to protect their content from plagiarism and from users who try to steal their work. Re-writing the content is a tedious task, but what other options do we have? If you need to copy only certain parts of the content, then you can use a few workarounds to copy from right click disabled websites.  One of the easiest ways that can be used is the void document oncontextmenu=null. However, do not exploit these methods for unethical hacking purposes. Also, try to follow all the methods listed below, as what may work for one user might not work for another.

What Is Void Document Oncontextmenu

What is Void Document Oncontextmenu=null, and how to use it?

Void document oncontextmenu=null is a simple JavaScript piece that you can use to enable right click on the websites that have blocked it. You can use it by following an effortless and easy step. First, go to the website that has disabled the right-click. Type the following code in the URL bar (address bar) and press enter:

javascript: void(document.oncontextmenu=null); 

Type the following code in the URL bar

This JavaScript code will bypass the website’s alert, and then you can easily use the right-click menu. But there is no guarantee that this method will work on each & every website as the webmasters use different ways to disable right-click. Another drawback of this method is you have to paste the above code in the address bar each time you wish to copy from the website.

6 Ways to Enable Right Click on the Websites that have Disabled it

1. Try to Use Reader Mode

This is a straightforward one-step process to use right-click on websites that have disabled it. For this purpose, press F9 to enable the Browser Reader Mode and check whether the right click works or not. Although it is not a guaranteed fix but it only takes a second to try!

2. Disable the JavaScript to Enable the Right-Click Menu

Webmasters often use JavaScript codes to disable right click on their websites. You can disable the JavaScript altogether to access the right-click menu.

In Google Chrome

1. Click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner of your screen and choose the Settings option.

From the drop-down menu, click on Settings to open the Chrome settings | What Is Void Document Oncontextmenu=null, And How To Use It?

2. Find Privacy and Security and click on Site Settings.

Under Privacy and security label, click on Site Settings

3. Go to Content Settings and find JavaScript. Click on the toggle to disable it.

Enable the JavaScript option by clicking on the toggle switch | What Is Void Document Oncontextmenu=null, And How To Use It?

In Mozilla Firefox

Open a new tab, type ‘about: config’ in the address bar, and press Enter. Search for JavaScript in the search preference bar and press Enter. Double click on the ‘javascript.enabled’ option to turn its status to false from true.

Search for JavaScript in the search preference name bar

The downside of the method is that most websites use JavaScript to function properly. Disabling it might stop some of the web page elements and, in some cases, the entire website, so you should use this function with caution. Once you disable the Javascript, reload the website and use the right-click function. Always enable the JavaScript back once you are finished with your work to make sure other websites function properly.

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3. Use the Source Code of the Page to Copy the Text you need

If you only want to use right-click to copy the content, then there is another advantageous way. This is a very convenient method, and you’ll find it very handy once you use it.

Go to the website from where you want to copy the content. Press Ctrl+ U together from your keyboard to open the source code of the website. The right-click feature isn’t disabled for the source code. Find the content and copy it from the source code.

view page source

4. Save the Webpage to Enable the Right-Click Menu

This is also one of the many effective ways to work around the disabled right-click menu. Save the desired webpage as HTML, you can then open it and copy the contents as usual. Press Ctrl+ S on your keyboard and then save the webpage.

Save the webpage to enable the right-click menu

5. Use a Proxy Server to Copy Content from a Website

A proxy server allows you to browse securely and anonymously and can also be used to avoid the disabled right-click menu.


There are many proxy servers that you can use, such as Proxify and FilterByPass. Simply enter the website that you want the right-click function to work in the Proxy website. After doing so, you can surf and navigate the website anonymously which will help you dodge the right click warning. You may also need to uncheck the ‘Remove Scripts’ box in the proxy server to avoid running the website scripts. Uncheck the box to make sure the website runs smoothly.

6. Use Browser Extensions

There are many third-party browser extensions that you can use to enable the right-click context menu on websites. For Google Chrome, the Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy extension is safe and reliable. It can help you access the disabled right-click menu very easily. For Firefox, you can use the same extension Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy. If these are not available, then you can search for other extensions and try them. There are plenty of them available for free.


We have now learned several methods to work around the disabled right-click menu. From the Javascript void document oncontextmenu=null to using proxy servers and browser extensions, all are easy and safe to use. But, we must not exploit the use of these methods for doing unethical works. The webmasters often disable right-click functions to avoid plagiarism issues and protect their work. You should be cautious when handling such content.

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