What is Blud Waffling About? Meme Usage and History 

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Social media swoops in new slang, memes, and idioms almost every day. While some are pretty easy to understand, others can be real head-scratchers. Not knowing the latest references might make you feel left out. The newest addition to the meme world is the phrase – What is Blud Waffling about? Don’t know what it means? Let’s find out together.

What is blud waffling meme about

What is Blud Waffling About? Meme Usage and History 

What is Blud Waffling is a slang often used in the United Kingdom. It means a friend is possibly talking incoherently on a topic that is not interesting to the listener. Therefore, it means expressing that they are having a drawn-out or boring talk to someone. The phrase is usually a fun and informal exchange between friends in a humorous way, especially used on messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

What Does Blud Mean in Slang?

Blud is an informal slang and comes from the word blood. It is also sad to be derived from the term blood brother. It’s frequently used casually to refer to a buddy, acquaintance, or just a regular person and serves as a substitute for words like mate and bro between close friends. The phrase is employed in memes for comedic effect.

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What is the Slang Waffling?

Waffling refers to the practice of talking too much or too long about anything. People who are waffling aimlessly rant without a clear goal in mind about what they are talking about. It can often leave the listener confused about what exactly are they talking about.


Is it Blood or Blud?

The slang blud is derived from blood, therefore, in the context of the phrase, it is blud.

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Where Does Blud Originate From?

It is believed to have started in the 1960s in the Caribbean community in the United Kingdom. According to a 2006 definition in Urban Dictionary, the term was originally a Jamaican swear word before being taken up by British people as a term of love. The term does not mean blood relatives and can be used on anyone.

Nowadays, what is blud waffling about is frequently used in British slang, especially by young people. Online usage of the term blud dates back to the early 2000s. Over the years, the term has gotten quite viral. People have used it as memes over someone speaking too much in an online meeting or subways.

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Using meme references is a great conversation starter and icebreaker. Now you can use the term What is Blud Waffling about if someone is talking a lot and having a good laugh among your friends. Keep visiting TechCult for more such cool social media abbreviations.

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