What is AR Zone App on Samsung Android Phones?

AR Zone - The platform where reality and imagination blend seamlessly.

Imagine an app that can bring augmented reality to the forefront of your device and elevate its capabilities. Prepare to be amazed as virtual elements blend seamlessly with the real world. The AR Zone app, with its seamless integration and cutting-edge technology, transforms your Android experience into an interactive journey. From stunning 3D visualizations to engaging games and practical applications, it opens doors to endless possibilities. Thus, let us talk more about Samsung’s native AR Zone, its features, benefits, and method to download it on Samsung phones operating on Android 10 and above.

What is AR Zone App? 

What is AR Zone App on Samsung Android Phones?

AR Zone app is also known as the Zone app or emoji app. AR is a short form for Augmented Reality that helps Samsung users to introduce AR features into their photos and videos.

  • AR Zone offers augmented reality features to your camera that you can save or send to your friends. The goal of the app is to bring technology into your hands.
  • AR Zone enhances the 3D experience in mobile phones.
  • Users can also add virtual items such as clothing items, make-up, emoji, or furniture to their photos.
  • The user interface of the app is extremely catchy and interactive.

The app comes pre-installed on devices including Samsung phones with Android 10 or a newer version. Some of the best Samsung models with this app include Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, and Z Flip.

How to Download AR Zone App on Samsung Phone?

Samsung users can download AR Zone from the Galaxy Store application on their respective devices.

AR Zone App Download

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How to Use AR Zone App on Samsung Phone?

If you own a Samsung phone, AR Zone software will bring an augmented reality experience to the palm of your hand. You can use several features of the app to play with images, stickers, videos, and real-world objects. It is basically an extended camera that helps users add a 3D look to their pictures and videos, just like Snapchat. You can use this app by following the given steps:

1. Open the AR Zone app on your app-supported Samsung phone.

2. Now, tap on the AR Emoji Camera to capture a picture or a video.

tap on the AR Emoji Camera to capture a picture or a video

3. Swipe through and tap on any desired feature to experience augmented reality on the AR Zone app.

What are the Features of the AR Zone App?

Before you move forward with exploring AR Zone app after download and installation, you must first be aware of its functions and features. There are six main features of this app that you can avail of on your smartphone through the app. Let us look at the features of AR Zone Android app for Samsung phones below:

I. AR Zone Camera

The first feature of AR Zone which is none other than the AR Zone Camera allows Samsung users to make their own emoji version. It also helps you to easily take pictures and make videos. It is effortless to use this feature which includes clicking a picture of someone and then creating an emoji for them. You can also make videos with it while enabling the animation mode. To use the AR Zone Camera, follow the instructions given below:

1. Launch the Camera app on your Samsung phone.

Launch the Camera app on your Samsung phone

2. Now, switch to the MORE tab and tap on the AR ZONE option.

switch to the MORE tab and tap on the AR ZONE option

3. Next, tap on the AR Emoji Camera option.

tap on the AR Emoji Camera option

4. To add a new emoji character, tap on the + icon.

5. Select the desired emoji you would like to use and pick any of the following modes, including:

  • SCENE mode is used to create an environment to place your emoji.
  • MASK mode is like a Snapchat filter that replaces your face.
  • MIRROR mode hovers your emoji in the center of the screen.
  • PLAY mode helps you to place your emoji in the real world.

II. AR Emoji Sticker

AR Zone is also known as the AR Zone Emoji app. It is because the app lets you create your emoji character using the AR Emoji Studio. You can use emoji stickers to create custom stickers with funny expressions and poses.

1. To use this feature, tap on the AR Emoji Stickers from the AR Zone section.

2. Select any of the auto-generated sticker or tap on + Make custom stickers to make your own.

3. Tap on the icons present at the bottom of the screen to add backgrounds, actions, expressions, sticker elements, and text.

4. You can also create a GIF, tap on Get Started, and follow the on-screen instructions.

5. Finally, tap on Save when you are done to save it.

III. AR Emoji Studio

AR Zone app Android has another feature which is known as the AR Emoji Studio. It helps users to create animated characters easily. You can choose a character of your choice and customize its hairstyle, add sunglasses, and add dresses and shoes. 

1. Launch AR Zone and tap on AR Emoji Studio.

2. Next, select Create My Emoji option.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to customize or give your character a makeover.

4. Once customization is complete, select All done.

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IV. AR Doodle

AR Doodle is heaven for doodle art enthusiasts. This feature offers a great possibility to users to showcase their doodle art. This helps users to create anime characters and abstract patterns randomly. The amazing thing about this feature is that it can change the position of doodle art as per the changes in the image by tracking user’s face movement.

1. From AR Zone, select AR Doodle

2. Next choose Pens, markers, and other AR elements to create a doodle.

3. Then, save and send to your friends.

V. Deco Pic

Another feature of the AR Zone app is Deco Pic. This feature helps you to send animated stickers to your family and friends. With its help, you can add lip color, mustaches, and eye color to the character. Follow the steps below to use Deco Pic:

1. Open AR Zone and select the Deco Pic option.

Deco Pic option

2. Now, tap on GIFs, frames, masks, or stamps to add features to your selfie camera.

Samsung users can also incorporate this feature into their existing devices and enjoy capturing fun moments.

VI. Picture Link

Picture Link feature helps users create AR markers that can be used to add AR features to pictures and videos. To use Picture Link, follow the instructions below:

1. Open AR Zone and tap on Picture Link.

Open AR Zone and tap on Picture Link

2. In case it is not installed, tap on Picture Link, and select Install.

3. Next, allow Picture Link all the permissions.

4. Tap on Create in the camera and press the capture icon to take a picture.

5. Then, tap on Next.

6. Next, add an image, video, or sound file to your marker.

7. Finally, tap on Apply.

8. Tap on View at the end to check if your created Picture Link is good to send.

VII. Quick Measure

Finally, the last feature of the AR Zone app is Quick Measure. This feature can be used to measure the distance and size of the objects in real time. It is available for Samsung phones with Depth Vision Camera. If you own such device, then follow the instructions below to use Quick Measure:

1. Select Quick Measure from AR Zone.

2. Point your camera to a specific subject or area to estimate its distance.

3. Tap on the + icon to measure the distance of the object from that point to the area where your camera is targeted.

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VIII. Additional Features

Some new software versions of the app also include a 3D scanner and styling options.

What are the Benefits of Using Samsung AR Zone App?

AR Zone is an amazing software that helps you place an augmented reality character in your surroundings, customize them, and interact with them. There are multiple benefits of using AR Zone:

  • AR characters can be placed in any location and can be customized which gives AR users a chance to explore their surroundings and environment in a whole new way.
  • AR Zone offers people interactive content that they can send to their families and friends.
  • AR Zone also provides information on places of interest and landmarks.
  • It also helps people to capture photos and videos with fun elements.
  • It also allows users to add furniture, clothing items, makeup, and more virtual items to their media.

If you have tried the AR Zone app and had fun with all its features, and wish to uninstall it, read below.

How to Remove AR Zone Emoji App from App Drawer

If you have tried removing it from your device you may have observed that it’s not possible to uninstall it as it is a system application. But still, there is a way to remove it, at least from your screen.

1. Open AR zone App.

2. Tap the gear icon on the top right.

3. Toggle off Add AR Zone to Apps screen.

Now you won’t see the AR zone app on your device’s screen. However, you will still be able to access it while using your phone camera. 

Is AR Zone App Android Download Available?

Yes, but not for all Android devices. The AR Zone app download is only applicable for Samsung mobile phones including:

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

What is the AR Zone App Review?

AR Zone is an amazing technology that is here to stay. It is only the beginning of a technological journey and is growing into a world of real experimentation and exploration. All in all, AR Zone is a great customization app that helps people explore their surroundings and creatively experiment with various modes and features.

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We hope that our guide on the AR Zone app for Samsung phones running Android 10 and above as well as its features like the AR Zone emoji app, AR Emoji Sticker, and more was entertaining yet helpful. Try it and drop your experience with it in the comment section below.

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