What iPhone Color is Most Popular?

iPhone has varieties of color options to choose from. But which one should you choose? We are going to help you to decide.

While purchasing an iPhone, you may consider the color choice essential because it makes your device stand out. Apple has broadened the availability of colors with every new release of iPhone. The spectrum caters to various preferences, ranging from classic like black and white to more vibrant like blue, green, and red. Today’s article will guide you on the most popular color for various models like iPhone 11, 12, and more.

What iPhone Color is Most Popular?

What iPhone Color is Most Popular?

Apple offers a wide range of color options for its iPhones, allowing people to express their tastes and styles. Read this article till the end to know about the most popular iPhone colors.

What are Most Popular iPhone 11 Color?

iPhone black color

iPhone 11 was introduced in 2019 and was offered in six different colors: black, white, green, yellow, purple, and product red. Customers have individual tastes, and each color has its own charm.

  • Black: Several studies and sales statistics indicate that the Black iPhone 11 is most popular iPhone 11 color. Black is a traditional color that never goes out of style and is recognised for its elegant and refined appearance. The dark shade also goes well with the dual camera setup and matte glass finish of the iPhone 11’s design. The black color also offers the added benefit of masking scratches and smudges.
  • White: After iPhone 11’s black, second most popular is White. White is a timeless color frequently linked to innocence, spick-and-span living, and simplicity. The white color provides the iPhone 11 a clean, contemporary appearance that many customers find appealing. The white color also goes well with the matte glass finish and dual camera system of the iPhone 11’s design.
  • Red: Apple collaborated with Product Red group, which works to fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa, and developed the color Product Red. The iPhone 11 has a distinctive and eye-catching appearance, which is a bold and brilliant shade of red. This color is favoured by customers who wish to stand out from the crowd because it is also linked to passion, energy, and excitement.
  • Green: The next most popular color for the iPhone 11 is Green. The distinctive shade of green is frequently connected to the environment, growth, and freshness. It gives a vibrant, youthful appearance that appeals to younger customers.
  • Purple: Purple shade, which debuted with the iPhone 11, is yet another new addition to the iPhone range. This color is frequently connected to ingenuity, luxury, and royalty.
  • Yellow: The color yellow is happy, upbeat, and warm, which is vivid and bold in appearance. This shade might clash with other colors and may not enhance the style of the iPhone 11 and other colors. But still, yellow is a distinctive and fun color that might attract younger people.

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What are Most Popular iPhone 12 Color?

iPhone 12 was one of the most awaited smartphones launched in 2020. iPhone 12 is available in black, white, red, green, and blue. Each color has a special appeal, and the choice of color is a matter of taste that can reveal something about a person’s demeanor and style. In this, we will be discussing about most popular iPhone 12 color.

According to international surveys, iPhone 12’s blue color became the most popular color. Blue is a color that everyone finds attractive and is frequently connected to calmness, loyalty, and confidence. As a result, people who want a phone that exudes dependability and steadiness frequently choose it.

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What are Most Popular iPhone 14 Color?

iPhone 14 color variants

iPhone 14, the whole series, was launched in September 2022 and came in five colors, Moonlight, Starlight, Product Red, Blue, and Purple. Being light and pale, purple is ideal for those who want to show off their refined and elegant side. It was a popular choice for the iPhone 14 series, and Apple brought it back in 2022.

According to the surveys, owners of the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max reportedly favoured the more colorful options over the more traditional ones, with 42% selecting the eye-catching Deep Purple and 24% selecting gold.

In contrast, 27% of iPhone 14/Plus users picked blue, 22% picked purple, and 14% picked red. The more colorful options were favoured by roughly 63% of iPhone 14/Plus owners, while the remaining buyers opted for Midnight or Starlight (black and off-white). These are most popular iPhone color in 2023 consists.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to understand that what is the most popular iPhone color. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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