What Happens When You Block Someone on CorrLinks?

Gain insights into how blocking influences communication with inmates.

CorrLinks is a private company that facilitates essential communication between inmates and their loved ones. However, there are instances when blocking becomes necessary. So, what exactly occurs when you decide to restrict someone on the platform? Read on to demystify what happens when you block someone on CorrLinks and determine whether the messages get blocked or not.

What Happens When You Block Someone on CorrLinks?

What Happens When You Block Someone on CorrLinks?

On CorrLinks, an inmate cannot block you, but you have the option to block them. If you decide to do so, be certain of your choice, as unblocking a previously blocked inmate requires written consent from the relevant authority. Blocking an inmate on CorrLinks will result in the communication or messages between you and the inmate being blocked.

As already said, inmates cannot block outside contacts on CorrLinks, but they have the option to delete a contact’s email address. If they choose to do so, community members can no longer email the inmate. However, the inmate can easily re-add the email address to resume email communication. So, this is what happens when you block inmate, or vice versa, on CorrLinks. 

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Can an Inmate Block You on CorrLinks?

No, inmates cannot block you on CorrLinks. They can delete, not block, a contact’s email address; and if this happens, you won’t be able to message or call the inmate on CorrLinks unless they re-add your email address to their contacts.

Are CorrLinks Messages Monitored?

Yes, CorrLinks messages are monitored. Both incoming and outgoing emails on CorrLinks are subject to monitoring by the authorities.

Note: Inmates do not have internet access through CorrLinks.

Having learned about what happens when you block someone on CorrLinks, you can now understand its overall effect on your platform experience. Share your thoughts in the comments below, and stay connected to our website for more useful guides!

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