What Happened to Instagram Music?

Discover the reasons behind Instagram Music's absence on your app.

In the past, the Music feature on Instagram was in a pilot phase with a geographical limit. However, now it is available in almost every country. Despite this, some users still face difficulties accessing it. In this article, we will address your query about what happened to Instagram Music and why it might not be working for you.

What Happened to Instagram Music?

What Happened to Instagram Music?

Instagram Music is a feature that allows you to add licensed music or your own music to Instagram Reels, Stories, and posts. With this feature, users can include music stickers, lyrics, and other music-related elements to enhance their content. This feature is available to all users in the world.

If you’re having trouble accessing it and wondering what happened to Instagram Music on your app, the following reasons may be the answer to your question:

  • Outdated version of the Instagram app
  • Bug or glitch in the app
  • Device compatibility issues
  • Geographical restrictions
  • Account type limitations
  • Unverified accounts
  • Account reports or violations

One of the mentioned incidents may have happened to cause your Music feature to go missing on your Instagram account.

Why is Instagram Music Not Available?

As said in the previous section, there could be several reasons why you cannot see and access this feature on your account. One common reason is regional restrictions, as the availability of music features can vary based on licensing agreements and copyright regulations in different countries or regions. Read the above section to find out about the other reasons to learn what happened to your Instagram Music feature.

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How Do I Get Instagram Music Back?

The Instagram Music feature offers creative expression, personalization, brand promotion, musical content sharing, engaging viewers, staying current with trends, and more. Having access to this feature on your account is something you’ll definitely desire for any of these reasons.

But what if the Music feature has happened to be missing on your Instagram app or account?

Read and follow our guide on How To Fix Instagram Music Not Working to resolve the issue that is causing the feature to remain unavailable on your account or app.

tap on the Music sticker |

Through this guide, you must have learned what happened to Instagram Music and how to get it back on your app if it has disappeared. Let us know your experiences using this feature, and convey any doubts you may still have in the comments below. Stay tuned! 

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