What Does Two Check Marks Mean on Tinder Message?

Swiped and sent already? Now time for double-check!

We have all been curious to know whether our recent match is as interested in talking to us as we are. Knowing if they have seen our texts saves us from the much-hated waiting game. You must have seen different tick marks under your sent message thread. So, what exactly does double check mean on a Tinder message? Let’s find out in this blog.

What does two check marks mean on tinder message

What Does Double Check Mean on Tinder Message?

On Tinder, the two check marks indicate that your message has been successfully delivered to the recipient. Now the ball is in their court! However, it does not mean that they have seen your message yet. To unlock read receipts, you have to subscribe to Tinder premium plans.

How to Enable/Disable Tinder Read Receipts

Once you have subscribed to a Tinder plan, follow the steps below to enable read receipts:

1. Tap on the two check marks under the Tinder message to activate read receipts.

2. Select the plan and tap on Continue.

tap on Continue

3. Now, open your profile and go to Settings.

4. Swipe down and turn the toggle on for Send Read Receipts to enable read receipts.

Swipe down and turn the toggle on for Send Read Receipts to enable read receipts

This way you can enable and disable your read receipts on Tinder as you wish.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How do you know if a Tinder message has been read?

Ans: If you have purchased the Tinder Premium plan, you will be able to see two blue checkmarks or Seen written under your message.

Q2: Does Tinder mark messages as read?

Ans: Yes, as long as you have enabled read receipts, Tinder will mark your messages as read.

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Now that you know what double check means on Tinder, go ahead and confidently connect with your match. Don’t forget to drop a comment below if you have any queries or suggestions. Stay tuned to TechCult for more such app-related information.

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