What Does PC Mean on Instagram?

Decode the acronym to know its interpretations and usage.

Acronyms are commonly used on social media, and you would have probably come across the term PC a few times. As a result, you might wonder what it means when used exclusively in Instagram posts. This article aims to clarify your confusion about PC meaning in Instagram edits.

What Does PC Mean on Instagram

What Does PC Mean on Instagram?

On Instagram, when you come across PC in a caption, it stands for Picture Credit. It’s a way for the person posting to acknowledge and give credit to someone who took or was involved in the picture.

What Does PC Mean in Instagram Edits?

As mentioned above, PC means Picture Credit in Instagram edits. When someone includes this term in their Instagram edit, it signifies that they are giving credit to the original photographer or owner of the image.

Why Credits are Important on Instagram?

Now, you know what PC means on Instagram, but why are they important have you ever thought? Giving credits are important for various reasons:

  • You can give credit for the hard work they have put in for creating the Instagram post. As it shows respect and appreciation for their hard work.
  • It recognizes the ingenuity and effort put into the content and aids in the exposure of and respect for the work of the producers.
  • By giving due attribution, you can avoid copyright violations and other problems that might result from utilizing someone else’s content without their consent.
  • Crediting can also help in discovering new creators and growing your audience.

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How to Give Photo Credit on Instagram?

One of the most common and easiest ways to give credit is by tagging them in your posts or stories. Whether it’s a photographer who clicked you or maybe you are posting a story of an artist, tagging them or, for that matter, giving credit can help them boost their confidence as they will feel appreciated and respected for their work.

Here is how to give PC to any desired Instagram profile:

Option I: On Instagram Post

1. Open the Instagram application on your Android or iOS devices.

Note: Make sure you are logged into your IG account.

2. Tap on the Create (Plus) tab from the bottom menu panel.

3. From the POST tab, select the desired picture from your gallery.

4. Tap on the Next arrow icon to go to the edit screen.

Tap on the arrow pointing to your right

5. Edit the image as per your preference.

6A. Tap on @ icon and select the desired profile to who you want to give PC on this Instagram post.

Tap on @ and all the people in your list will show up | What Does PC Mean on Instagram

6B. Or tap on the Tag people option present below the captions box.

Tap on Tag people, just below the captions option

7. Then, tap anywhere on the photo and tag the desired Instagram profile to give the PC.

Now, tap anywhere on the photo and type and tag the person to give the credit.

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Option II: On Instagram Story

1. Switch to the STORY tab on the Instagram Camera screen.

2. Capture or upload the desired story and tap on the Aa icon from the top, as shown.

Capture the desired story and tap on the Aa icon from the top

3. Next, tap on Mention.

4. Write the desired Instagram handle to whom you want to give credit for the story.

Mention the person to whom you want to give credit for the post | What Does PC Mean on Instagram

We hope you now understand what PC means on Instagram. So, remember to give picture credit and thank the photographer when you post a beautiful landscape or adorable pet picture. Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and stay tuned for more insightful articles.

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