What does an Instagram Handle Mean?

What does an Instagram Handle Mean

The 21st century is more about Social Media than anything else in the world. All the more, social media platforms nowadays have their own glossary and word book. In this article, we will be talking about Instagram Handles.

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms right now. It has miraculously surpassed even Facebook when it comes to the active users count. From teenagers to adults, everyone is using Instagram these days. Now, as it is a social media platform, people need something as an identification. Here comes the word Social Media Handle.

Social Media Handle of an individual has the power to break or establish one’s identity on the platform. A handle is like a username, followed by the symbol @, which helps individuals create their own unique identity on the platform.

What does an Instagram Handle Mean

Instagram Handle for Personal/Individual Pages

An Instagram handle is like an identification tool that gives you a unique presence on the platform. Every person has a unique Instagram handle, and once somebody has taken a specific username, you cannot use it. You get to choose your Instagram handle when you create an account. Instagram gives you the feature to change your username whenever you want.

An Instagram handle can specify many things about the user. From name to the type of content someone posts, a lot can be understood just by looking at the username/handle. You can find anyone accurately when you have the username. It brings up the profile among billion of profiles in an instant.

Your Instagram handle works like you’re a phone number that is unique to you. Anyone around the world can easily find you using your Instagram handle. For example, let us consider Robert Downey Jr.

Anyone around the world can easily find you using your Instagram handle. For example Robert Downey Jr

As you can see in the screenshot below, his Instagram handle is Robert Downey jr, and this is unique to him.

When you search this specific handle on Instagram, it will instantly give you his profile on the top, eliminating all the fan pages and other fake accounts.

Search this specific handle on Instagram, it will instantly give you his profile on the top

Instagram Handle for Business Accounts

The same goes for the Business pages on Instagram. As the trend of social media marketing is reaching new heights, more businesses are moving towards it rather than a traditional advertisement. Businesses create pages on different social media platforms to reach more audience and gain more customers.

If you to have a business on Instagram, you need to be strong in your Instagram handle game. It is essential to keep your handle as close to business as possible. The more your Instagram handle resembles your business, the better response you get from the audience over the platform. You need to choose the username and hashtags very carefully, as these two will decide the flow of your business on Instagram.

Let us understand this with an example. Let us say you are fond of guitars, and you search guitar on Instagram. As you can see in the screenshot below, the search bar brings up some of the potential searches.

Fond of guitars, and you search guitar on Instagram

All the profiles that have popped up have the key ‘guitar’ in the usernames. This makes it evident that all these pages are somehow related to the guitar and nothing else.

Let us say you have two pages in front of you – one that contains the keyword guitar in its handle and the other that doesn’t. Which one will you more likely choose? The answer is obvious: you will choose the one with the keyword. This is the power of having a relevant Instagram handle.

Few tips for creating more relevant Instagram Handle

If you own a business account on Instagram or if you want to set up your Instagram profile more suitable according to your name, we have a few guidelines that you must follow:

  1. Stick to the name– You must try to keep your Instagram handle as close to the name as possible. The more you deviate from the name, the more irrelevant it becomes. If the username you want is not available, you can try using some underscores or numbers to get what you want.
  2. Use minimum special characters– We understand that sometimes you need to use a few special characters but try to use the minimum required. You see, using too many special characters can make it difficult for people to find your account.
  3. Keep it short and simple– The Instagram gives you a limited 30 characters for your handle. Moreover, long Instagram handles do not catch people’s attention in a good way. The short and simple usernames are more likely to be found and clicked on in search results. Audiences prefer short and to the point content.
  4. Use username generators – It may be the case that you can’t come up with a nice handle. Here you can use username generators and let them choose the username for you. You only need to input the desired keywords and your audience type, and the generator will come up with many possible usernames for you to choose from.

Consistency of Social Media Handles

It is more likely that you use multiple social media platforms. You see, every social media platform requires a username/handle. It is highly beneficial to have the same username overall social media handles. This helps you build a uniform identity online, and it becomes easy to find you online. If you can’t have the same username over every platform because someone has taken it, you can always play with a few special characters. Just use one or two underscores or a number, as long as the real name is not meddled up.

Having the same username over all platforms gives you a more professional look, and people gain trust over your identity. But in the end, it’s all your choice. You can choose your handle to be anything you want.


Now that we have talked a bit about Instagram handles, and you know what it means, its importance, and some tips to choose the better handle. Its time you go and play your Instagram handle game better. If you face any issue, you can always reach out to us in the comment section.

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