What do King Slayer Kills mean in COD Modern Warfare 2: How to Get 5 Kills

Uncover the significance and strategies behind this elite achievement!

Getting a Kingslayer kill in COD is one of the toughest tasks. To achieve this bonus, players need to play strategically to kill the members of the opposing team. No worries, we’ve got your back with our tips and tricks to improve your odds of succeeding in this challenge. In this article, we’ve explained what kingslayer kills mean in COD Modern Warfare 2 and how can you get them to become the king of the match.

What do KingSlayer Kills mean in COD Modern Warfare 2 how to get 5 kills

What do King Slayer Kills Mean in COD Modern Warfare?

In COD Modern Warfare 2, there are various medals you can earn during multiplayer matches. One of these is the King Slayer Kills, which you receive by defeating the player at the top of the enemy team’s leaderboard. To snag this medal, you need to check who’s at the top of the leaderboard, find that player in the game, and take them down.

Note: King Slayer Kills only count when you’re playing real official games, not the private or custom ones. So, if you want those kills to matter and count toward your goal, stick to official matches.

How to Get King Slayer Kills in COD Modern Warfare 2

To get these kills, first, find out who is leading on the leaderboard and what their skin looks like. The top player can change, so keep track of who’s leading. Then, use UAVs to find where the top player is on the map and go there to defeat them. It’s good to keep track of the top three players, as they are likely to stay at the top.

1. To check the top opponent, press the Tab key to open the leaderboard on your PC.

Note: Press the Menu button on the controller for Xbox or PlayStation.

2. Look for the player at the top of the scoreboard. They’ll be labeled as king based on the highest points or KD ratio.

3. Look for the location of that player using UAV.

4. By defeating this leading player, you get the King Slayer kill.

When you defeat multiple Kings, you get multiple King Slayer kills.

kingslayer pop-up

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How to Get 5 Kingslayer Kills in COD Modern Warfare 3

To get 5 Kingslayer kills in a game, you need to keep on defeating multiple top players. When you defeat one top player from the enemy’s leaderboard, the other member will take his place, so you have to keep on killing the top 5 of them to achieve your goal. Keep checking the leaderboard to see who’s on top. Once you beat the leading player, you’ll get the Kingslayer confirmed kill pop-up on the screen.

1. Check the leaderboard to identify the current top player and their skin.

2. Stay updated as the top player can change; continue monitoring the leaderboard.

3. Utilize UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in the game to pinpoint the location of the leading player on the map.

4. Navigate to the identified location and engage in combat to defeat the top player.

5. Also, keep an eye on the top three players since they’re more likely to remain at the top spots.

Simple Tips for Getting Kingslayer Kills

Here are a few tips to get Kingslayer kills:

  • Check the leaderboard to know who’s the top player, as this can change.
  • Pay attention to where your teammates are getting defeated as the top player might be there.
  • Use a UAV to spot the top player on the map, unless they’re using a hiding perk.
  • Play Team Deathmatch mode as it’s easier to find the top player there than in other game modes.
  • Sneak around the enemy’s starting area. Keep an eye on who kills the top player and then target their teammates as they respawn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it possible to achieve Kingslayer Kills in private matches?

Ans. No, Kingslayer Kills count only in official matches and not in private ones.

Q2. How can I determine the highest scorer?

Ans. Keep an eye on the MW3 scoreboard and notice killstreaks or multi-kills. This would indicate potential top performers during the progress of the match.

Q3. Is it advisable to focus on eliminating the top three scorers?

Ans. Certainly, paying attention to the highest scorers increases your chances of finding the King and getting Kingslayer Kills.

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Getting Kingslayer Kills in COD Modern Warfare 2 needs you to be skilled and smart. We hope that by understanding the above steps, you can beat the best players in MW2/MW3. Stay tuned to Techcult for more such game-related guides.

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