What are Disadvantages of 5G Over 4G?

The 5th generation of cellular network technology is designed to amplify the speed of wireless networks, decrease latency, and improve the fluidity of network connections.  Though the targets of 5G networking speed are unprecedented, let us find answers to a few common questions. Among all queries, the most concern was raised regarding its drawbacks. What are the advantages and disadvantages of 5G over 4G and its impact on the environment? Let’s find out!

What are Disadvantages of 5G Over 4G?

What are the Disadvantages of 5G Over 4G?

  • Device Support – In favor of the evolution of 5G network, having a smartphone that supports 5G is becoming imperative which means many of the old devices may be deemed obsolete due to the lack of 5G support.
  • Implementation of 5G – To minimize the chances of obstruction and hindering networks, more cellular towers would be needed and the implementation of the project might take a while.
  • Security concerns and risks – The aim of 5G to connect IoTs (Internet of Things) can effectively turn any device into a security vulnerability that expose new heights and potential to hackers. This is currently the most stressed one on the list of disadvantages of 5G over 4G.
  • Hardware degradation in the long run – Faster speed may have power efficiency and heating issues and also create chances for hardware damage or battery drain issues in the long run.
  • Relatively less upload speed – Actual download speeds of 5G, which are aimed to be 20Gbps while the upload speed still remains clocked at about 1Gbps, on average. While the upload speed has increased significantly, it is still nowhere near what the download speed looks like.
  • Late and limited access to rural areas – The pros and cons of 5G seem limited to urban areas but rural and inland areas may not have easy access to the 5G cellular network.
  • Pricing and affordability – One of the disadvantages of 5G over 4G might be its pricing because of huge investments in infrastructure fixes. Additionally, faster speed consumes more data, so the current daily data limit set by network operators will be trashed soon.

We have gained an overall basic and structural idea about the disadvantages of 5G wireless technology, let’s learn what 5G is, what is 5G LTE meaning, 5G LTE speed, the pros, and cons of 5G, and other studies related to 5G.

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My Phone shows 5G LTE. What Does that Mean and What Speed Does 5G LTE Offer?

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, which is currently used in 4G networks. It is a global standard for wireless communications that focuses on network speed and efficiency.

Presently, the network providers have rolled out 5G services deployed in NSA (Non-Stand Alone) modes. That means the same 4G towers have been adjusted and tweaked with some added transmitters and upgraded equipment to provide better and enhanced speeds. This is called NSA 5G. When LTE and 5G work together to provide users with boosted speed, the phone shows 5G LTE.

5G LTE meaning can be referred to as 4G but on steroids. The highest 4G speed in India as per reports of TRAI ranges somewhere between 20.5 and 21.5 Mbps. The initial rollout of 5G i.e., 5G LTE speed has shown download at 200 to 300mbps for all network providers on average I hope this was clear about 5G LTE meaning.

5G LTE network meaning

Are There Health Risks Attached to 5G Networking?

Since the first 5G mobile operations began, there has been much gossip about 5G being carcinogenic, causing cellular stress, abnormal genetic mutations and damage, neurological disorders, and so on. So, should we be concerned about 5G health risks? Should potential health risks be added to the list of disadvantages of 5G over 4G?

  • Electromagnetic radiation seems to be omnipresent and prevalent since the introduction and development of electronic gadgets. Every electronic device emits radiation. Due to the rapid proliferation of electronics, the radiation into the atmosphere is increasing, and similarly, the exposure is increasing.
  • With the use of higher radio frequencies in 5G, the chances of radiation are higher. But according to the World Health Organization, human exposure to those frequencies is still not something to be concerned about. Till now, no research has conclusively established evidence of health risks directly linked to 5G networking technologies.
  • In spite of the fact that tissue heating may happen due to exposure to electromagnetic radiation, the chances of it causing adverse health effects such as tissue damage or organ failure have not been proven. The frequencies where radiations start to ionize are too high for any cellular technology to even reach as per the report of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

Therefore, as of now, you need not worry about 5G support rolling out around you. Using the advancement of technology in a wise and sustainable manner always reaps benefits against pros and cons of 5G.

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What Will be the Impact of 5G on the Environment?

Climate change, ozone depletion, extinctions, and the vulnerability of animal species are all factors and witnesses of environmental degradation and currently, the presence of 5G networks is being investigated to determine if there is any negative impact it might cause on the environment in the near future. What are advantages and disadvantages of 5G over 4G on environment?

Positive Impacts

  • Reduced energy consumption It has been noted that the energy required for 5G to operate is considerably less than the requirement for 4G. Moreover, all devices connected together can be controlled remotely, and thus can be turned on/off with a click. It would also allow machines to run more efficiently, reducing fuel consumption and ultimately reducing greenhouse gases.
  • Reduced wastage Smart sensors in devices can detect mishandling and defects which can help in avoiding wastage. Automated and smart vehicles, traffic management and control in real-time, and virtual and augmented reality, in the long run, would help in carbon emissions with reduced fuel usage and wastage.

Concept of 4g network. What are advantages and disadvantages of 5G on environment?

Negative Impacts

  • Depletion of infrastructure for 5G and making it easily available to users will require the installation of more cell towers, transmitters, cables, and other equipment. This depletes non-renewable natural resources.
  • Even though smartphones and IoT devices are increasingly popular due to convenience, each one causes carbon emissions and global warming since they require energy to function. To keep carbon emissions balanced or reduced, the 5G network has to prove its efficiency.
  • A lot of existing devices on the market are incompatible with 5G services. Likewise, the quickly changing trends in IoT devices will soon make one or the other outdated and short of features. Thus, to keep up with the latest trend and be able to use 5G services, users would upgrade to more advanced devices thereby causing a flood of E-waste from obsolescence. This marks among the poignant disadvantages of 5G wireless technology.
  • Birds and a variety of insects are affected by electromagnetic radiation caused by electric devices. Deformed eggs in birds, interference in navigational systems and circadian rhythms of birds, and death of bees are some of the mishaps caused by radio frequencies and EMR(s). Access and exploitation of 5G will ultimately lead to radiation and consequently disrupt animal lives.
  • In the end, I would like to draw your attention by saying that science and technology are meant to get better in terms of both hardware and software. The pros and cons of 5G cannot be avoided, but they can be managed if you use them wisely.

Hence, these are the advantages and disadvantages of 5G network on environment.

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We hope that this article could guide you on 5G LTE meaning, top of disadvantages of 5G over 4G. If you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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