Website shows how you’d look with a different race, age or gender

No longer does one have to wait years upon years to discover how they’ll look when they’re old and wrinkled.  Just pop on over to the Face of the Future website and it will show you what your future has in store for you.  Of course, there will be slight variations, but you’ll at least get an idea of how you’ll look all wrinkled up.  You can even find out what you would have looked like if you were born of the opposite sex.  Isn’t technology disturbing grand?!

Along with that, you can change up your race as well.  It’s of course only meant as something to toy with on one of those days that you’re procrastinating getting all of that pesky work done.  To use the technology you just upload an image, then select your gender, along with your age group (child, teenager, young adult, or older adult).  Then at the very end, you choose which race you resemble the most (Afro-Caribean, Caucasian, East-Aisan, or West-Asian).  Very similar technology was used to change up the race on McCain and Obama to urge voters to vote based on policy instead of race.

Source: Geeksaresexy

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