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Universal Control Not Working on Mac to Switch Seamlessly Between Apple Devices

Restore the functionality of Universal Control and seamlessly switch between your Apple devices.

If you want a seamless and easy interaction between your Mac and iPad, you can use the Universal Control feature. It’s designed to work well on almost all Mac and iPad models. However, some Apple users have reported instances of the feature abruptly ceasing to function. If you’re experiencing the same issues with Universal Control not working on your Mac, we have a guide with solutions to help you fix the problem.

How To Fix universal control not working mac

How To Fix Universal Control Not Working on Mac

The Universal Control feature is designed to enhance multitasking across your Apple devices. Introduced in 2021, it enables seamless pairing of devices like Mac and iPad. However, if you encounter any issues while using this function, our article provides helpful solutions to resolve them. Continue reading to find them out! 

Quick Answer

To fix Universal Control not working on Mac, follow these steps:

1. Go to System Preferences on your Mac and click on Display.

2. Click on the plus (+) icon to view drop-down options.

3. Then, select either Universal Control or Sidecar option at a time.

Why is Universe Control Not Working?

Before jumping to the solutions, you must be aware of the causes of Universal Control not working in the Monterey issue. Read the below-mentioned points to learn about them:

  • A temporary glitch.
  • Bluetooth is not enabled.
  • Wi-Fi is not enabled.
  • Incompatible devices.
  • Devices are not close to each other.
  • An outdated software.
  • Devices are not signed in with a similar Apple ID.
  • Interference from VPN.

We have gathered a few methods to help you resolve the issue of Universal Control not working on your Mac, which you will see below:

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

Our guide includes both basic and advanced methods that you can try. Read through the solutions provided and follow the instructions to address the problem effectively.

1A. Restart Device

Before moving on to the advanced methods, first, restart your device to fix the Universal Control not working on Mac. When you restart your device, the temporary glitches and bugs get fixed. This is one of the simplest methods that you can use. To gain an understanding of this, follow the steps given below:

1. First, navigate to the Apple Menu on your Mac.

2. Now, click on the Restart option.

choose apple menu and click on restart

1B. Turn On Bluetooth

Enable Bluetooth on Mac and iPad to resolve this problem. To do so, read below:

1. Launch the System Preferences app, then click on the Bluetooth option.

go to system preferences

2. Now, click on Turn Bluetooth on option.

click on turn bluetooth on

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1C. Enable Wi-Fi

You must turn on Wi-Fi on both devices so that you do not face this issue. Abide by the steps discussed below, to enable Wi-Fi:

1. Click on the Wi-Fi icon located on the menu bar of your device, after that toggle on the Wi-Fi slider.

click on wifi menu | universal control not working mac

1D. Log in Using Same Apple ID

If the Universal Control not working Monterey issue persists after abiding by the methods discussed above, then make sure that your devices are logged in from a similar Apple ID. You can choose one of the Apple IDs from either your iPad or Mac and then add it to another. To log in, adhere to the given steps:

1. Navigate to the System Preferences app on your Mac and click on the Sign in option.

go to system preferences

2. Next, enter your Apple ID and if you are asked to enter the 6-digit code then do so.

Method 2: Ensure Device Compatibility

If you are facing the Universal Control not working Mac issue, then check whether this feature is compatible with your device. This feature does not work on all models.

The models that are compatible with this feature are MacBook (2016 or newer), MacBook Air (2018 or later), MacBook Pro (2016 or later), Mac Pro (2019), Mac Studio, Mac mini (2018 or newer), iMac (5K Retina 27-inch, Late 2015), iMac (2017 or later), iMac Pro, All iPad Pro models, iPad Air (3rd generation or newer), iPad mini (5th generation or later) and iPad (6th generation or newer).

Method 3: Follow Universal Control Requirements

At once up to three devices that support this feature works all right. However, there are some requirements like a Mac is necessary while enabling Universal Control between two iPads. iPads do not work with this feature by themselves.

Besides that, it’s important to note that for Universal Control to work effectively, the devices should be in close proximity to each other, ideally within a 3-foot radius. While you can activate it within a 30-foot radius, it is recommended to keep the devices close to fully enjoy this feature. As Universal Control utilizes the Bluetooth connection between the devices, keeping them nearby ensures optimal performance and a seamless experience across both devices.

Furthermore, it is important to avoid sharing Mac’s internet connection with other devices while using Universal Control. Similarly, ensure that the iPad’s Personal Hotspot option is turned off, as sharing the iPad’s mobile connection with your Mac can potentially disrupt its functionality.

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Method 4: Update Mac and iPad

Upgrade your Mac and iPad to the latest version to fix the Universal Control not working problem. An outdated version can cause this issue, so you should update your devices. The latest update has security updates, the latest features, and fixes bugs. To update your Mac and iPad, abide by the steps discussed below:

1. In System Preferences, click on the Software Update option and then choose Upgrade Now option.

choose system preferences and then click on upgrade now | universal control not working mac

Method 5: Turn Off VPN

To address the Universal Control not working in Monterey issue, one potential solution is to turn off your VPN. While VPNs are commonly used for privacy and security, disabling them temporarily can help resolve the problem. Follow these steps to turn off your VPN:

1. Go to the System Preferences app on your Mac.

2. After that, click on Network and select VPN. Then, disable the slider next to your VPN.

click on network

Method 6: Turn Off Sidecar on Mac

The functions performed by Sidecar and Universal Control are different. Both these features do not function together. So, try disabling the Sidecar attribute to prevent the Universal Control from not working on the Mac issue. To disable it on Mac, abide by the given steps:

1. Go to System Preferences on your Mac and click on the Display option.

click on display option | universal control not working mac

2. After that, click on the plus (+) icon with the dropdown options.

3. Now, choose either the Universal Control or Sidecar option at a time.

If you have the Mirror or extend to option chosen, then deselect it. This would turn off the Sidecar feature. 

Method 7: Activate Universal Control Settings on Mac

Another method that you can adopt to fix the Universal Control not working Mac issue is this one. Follow the given steps, to learn how to do so:

1. In System Preferences, click on Displays and select Advanced.

2. Next, turn on the Allow your pointer and Keyboard to move between any nearby Mac or iPad and the Push through the edge of a display to connect a nearby Mac or iPad slider.

3. You can also toggle on the Automatically reconnect to any nearby Mac or iPad slider if you wish to reconnect your Mac automatically to your iPad when it’s within range. Then, click on Done.

4. Navigate to System Preferences and click General.

click on general option

5. After that, check the Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices box.

Besides that, you can also navigate to the Control Center located on the right side of the menu bar, and then under the Display option, you will be able to locate your iPad under the Link keyboard and mouse to the heading. If your device is not highlighted but listed, then choose it manually to activate Universal Control.

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Method 8: Turn On Handoff on iPad

Ensure that you have enabled the Handoff feature on your iPad to avoid Universal Control not working in Monterey. To make yourself familiar with how you can do this, read the steps mentioned below:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPad.

2. Now, navigate to General and select AirPlay & Handoff.

3. Then, toggle on the Handoff and Cursor and Keyboard sliders.

If these options are already turned on your device, then disable and re-enable them.

This wraps our article on Universal Control not working on Mac. We hope after reading our guide you were able to resolve the issue. Let us know which method worked for you. You can reach out to us with your suggestions and queries via the comments section below. 

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