Is ShowBox APK safe or unsafe?

ShowBox APK safe or unsafe? We all love watching movies and web series online. Why wouldn’t we, since most of these web series have so many twists and turns that some people with little self-control find it so difficult to move away from their screens?

There are various online streaming platforms available today, which have content targeting people of every age group. Still, most of the ones that have their original contents come with their own mandatory subscription process for further access.

Now, just imagine watching your favorite show online, and you are in the middle of some major plot twist, and right then and there, they bam you are out of your subscription. It is something why most of us search for platforms where we can watch these shows for free.

There are various such free platforms available as well, where we can stream the content for free, that is, without getting charged for money. One such platform we are going to talk about today is ShowBox

ShowBox, like our other online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, is an app that you need to download from the browser. While other online streaming sites are expensive, it is free. If you are someone who likes to watch online movies and shows, you must have heard of ShowBox.

How ShowBox Works:

ShowBox, as we talked about, is an APK and not an app. For those of you who don’t know what an APK is, let’s simplify it: In a simple language, APK is a file downloaded from online search engines and is not available on play store other search platforms. Once downloaded, you can install the file by just clicking on it.

ShowBox works differently for different devices. When used on Android, the APK download performs as an app, with an easy user interface. On the iPhone, the APK installed has a different home page and shows more ads than on Android. 

Just as we know, ShowBox provides you with free streaming of many popular shows and movies; whether it is the latest season of Game Of Thrones or latest Star Wars movies, you can have it all on ShowBox. But similar to many other free streaming services, even ShowBox has its disadvantages when used. No matter how much it offers for free access, the question always arises: is ShowBox safe? 

Is ShowBox APK safe or unsafe?

Though free online streaming services are popular amongst the masses, there is a reason for these services to be free. Most of these free online streaming services do not have a license for streaming the content they are streaming. They do have not even purchased what they provide their viewers with. They have not taken any permission for streaming these shows, which enables them to provide users for free.

To be more precise, ShowBox is illegal and is not safe if used without any protection. It is very much similar to using torrent. You get everything for free, but it is not 100% safe.

ShowBox, when used without protection, can invade your privacy, including your account information, your google password, your card details, and various other KYC details. 

Lack of original copyrights makes it illegal to use. Also, many times there is a chance that your personal information may get hacked or some unknown virus can hang your phone. 

Thus, it is advised that if you still want to use ShowBox on your phone, then at least use VPN settings. VPN or Virtual Personal Network enables you to hide your personal information safely. It does so by allowing you to change your location and also by making you encrypt your data, which no other third party can access without your permission.

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Alternatives For ShowBox:

There can be quite a few other free online streaming services that can be used instead of ShowBox; even though they are free, they have lower risks of privacy violation and hacking of personal information. 

1) Cinema APK 

It is by far the best free online streaming platform. Compatible with all Android and TV and firestick, this APK has a huge variety of shows and movies to choose from without monetary cost for free. 

2) Titanium TV

Like other free online streaming services, even Titanium TV offers a huge variety of shows and movies. Other than that, it has the highest quality videos. 

3) Kodi

Kodi is an app, and the best features of Kodi is that— just like those premium apps such as Netflix, it also allows you to have a Wishlist and offline downloads to watch later. 

4) Unlock my TV

Another great alternative to ShowBox APK can be Unlock my TV. Compatible with all androids and iPhones, this too has a lot to choose from. 

5) Catmouse APK

Catmouse APK comes with a lower risk of privacy violation and allows you to choose the video’s quality while watching the shows or movies.

Apart from the ones listed above, there is a huge variety of other more safe free platforms available than ShowBox.

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Overview :

In conclusion to all the things we have talked about till now, we believe that ShowBox is not entirely safe for a user. The app does give you pirated content. Therefore you can only find it on third-party platforms. Since to be on Google Play, the app has to be licensed and verified; it also needs to have permission to stream the content it has. 

Another reason for not using ShowBox is that it is illegal. Though there is no such proper law for sure apps streaming pirated content to take any action, there are, however, communities that have form guidelines for such apps that violate the content copyright.

While streaming ShowBox, you can get ad displays. When you click on these displays, they can take you to other websites that can sometimes result in downloading viruses. These viruses can hang your phone or invade your personal information. Thus, a great deal of privacy has to be set on your device to protect it while using this APK. 

There is no proper website available for ShowBox, where you can lodge complaints. Many times while streaming content on ShowBox, users have faced issues such as buffering and audio insufficiency, etc, which can not be resolved since they do not provide customer care service.

Thus, with the availability of other safer options, we would advise you to ignore ShowBox. After all, you wouldn’t want to surf free content at the cost of your own personal information being leaked. 

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