Shadow Fight 3 Promo Codes: Redeem Now

Whether you are an amateur or a trained professional, getting a good grip on games is a tough nut to crack. Specific genres such as FPS and RPGs require more practice and dedication than dress-up and time management games. One such example is Shadow Fight 3 promo codes. Launched in 2017, this game has been a popular choice across the globe. Using the latest Shadow Fight 3 redeem code, players can earn extra goodies. However, you must get hold of Shadow Fight 3 codes before they expire. Owing to their mortal life, they are valid only for a limited period. Nonetheless, a Shadow Fight 3 promo code Android is necessary to add spice and level up your gameplay. Read till the end to learn more.

Shadow Fight 3 Promo Codes: Redeem Now

Shadow Fight 3 Promo Codes to Win Exciting Rewards

If you are into the thrill and bone-chilling feeling of action games, Shadow Fight 3 is an ideal choice. It will quench your thirst with magnificent graphics, an amazing storyline, and deadly weapons. This RPG is set in an imaginary world where people fight to obtain Shadow Energy.

This game offers several weapons, including melee, swords, crossbows, axes, and pikes. Players get acquainted with new features, weapons, challenges, and Shadow Fight 3 promo codes as the game progresses. Apart from this, players can choose between the single-player mode or duel mode. Players can also partake in special events to win more exclusive stuff on their way to the ultimate win. Shadow Fight 3 is available for both Android and iOS users for free.

Features of Shadow Fight 3

Some of the notable features of Shadow Fight 3 are listed below:

  • Shadow Fight 3 is one of the few games which allow an in-built detailed character editor.
  • It offers three fighting schools, including Legion, Dynasty, and Heralds. Each of these comes with different weapons, techniques, and combos to create and master a particular fighting style.
  • The main quests in the game are accompanied by several small side quests. They help the storyline to develop.
  • Players can pick their weapons from a massive collection. They can also explore and learn new deadly combinations to defeat opponents and snatch victory from their jaws.
  • Every weapon has unique characteristics and damage capabilities. Players also get armor and helmets for maximum protection against the attacks.
  • To purchase or upgrade their weapons, they can use the in-game shop or wait for the rewards. A Shadow Fight 3 promo code Android is another lucrative option. They can also get their hands on mystery chests and booster packs to unlock coins, rare gems, and shadow energy.

Possibly Working Promo Codes For Shadow Fight 3

Code NamesUsage
uy8LgHx8sVGem crystals
ZERf44kFnEIncreases stats
realhellEnergy (500) + epic book ×2 + 50 autobattles ×3 + 1 million silver
ESLPRO3 potions
Y4DLLrqAGZUnlocks secret gameplay
MURDERGIFT3-day XP boost, 6 energy potions, and 500k silver
y0bHRx1RnpGold coins

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Expired Shadow Fight 3 Codes

Code NamesUsage
kbs5zmHbI1000 gold
S654HMIm7+5000 experience
+5000 experienceA deck of 10 premium cards
6XAS7XCPmAdds up to 100 rubies
1FVzsv5TNUnlocks a new weapon
VBCZ-MSQNBag of coins and gems
NB_elVBVxI3YFBag of coins and gems
NEWY-EAR1Bag of coins and gems
BW_8m01CaRXpbBag of coins and gems
NBEL-VBVXBag of coins and gems
DU_05oA7XDuW4Bag of coins and gems
UF57-HYFEBag of coins and gems
QU_98sDKolJ3uBag of coins and gems
MSWAIDEQCoins and gems
JKMWLOXDCoins and gems
LBYBNVOBCoins and gems
BOPAMKJSCoins and gems
MSJIZCDACoins and gems
MIXDPVTOCoins and gems

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How to Use Shadow Fight Codes

Using a Shadow Fight 3 redeem code is child’s play. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Launch Shadow Fight 3 on your device.

Shadow Fight 3 loading in a smartphone

2. Tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner.

Tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner

3. Next, tap on FREE > INPUT PROMOCODE.


4. Enter Shadow Fight 3 promo code and tap on OK.

Enter Shadow Fight 3 promo code and tap on OK

Where to Find More Codes?

  • Follow Nekki on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to get the latest updates regarding valid promo codes.
  • Participate in events organized by developers to increase your chances of scoring codes with the best rewards.
  • Also, keep an eye on live gaming streamers, as they often hand out valuable tips.


We hope that this guide has helped you discover new Shadow Fight 3 promo codes. If so, drop your favorite one in the comment section below. Do not forget to share your suggestions and queries. Also, let us know what you want to learn next.

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