Rate Limit Exceeded on Twitter: How to Overcome It

Navigate Twitterverse seamlessly and avoid pesky rate limits.

Did you also came across a Frustrating Rate Limit Exceeded message on Twitter? We understand the annoyance of this sudden and unexpected interruption. To tackle the same, we have covered some queries. In this guide, we will discuss how can you fix the rate limit exceeded error on the micro-blogging platform.

Rate limit exceeded on Twitter

What is Rate Limit Exceeded on Twitter

With millions of users and third-party developers across the globe, the exchange of information on Twitter is almost a never-ending deal. If you have heard about Twitter API software, what it does is it requests information from Twitter servers and sends that to third-party apps in a cryptic or decoded language. There are many utilities to this, such as that it makes it easier for people like analysts and developers to create automated posts, understand their target demographic, and more.

Coming back to the concept of rate limit, this error message indicates that you’ve reached the limit on the number of requests you can make to the Twitter API within a specific time frame. Twitter allows up to 100 API calls per hour, which are segregated into 15-minute intervals. The app developers had to come up with Rate Limit because the social platform receives many API requests at once. Essentially, Twitter has put a cap on the number of actions you can perform, such as sending tweets, retweeting, or following users, to prevent spamming and ensure fair usage of their platform.

Other reasons include:

  • Preventing Twitter server overloads
  • Limiting or preventing scams and malicious activity like DDoS attacks
  • Allowing Twitter’s API to send deliver scalable and precise information to those requesting it

The API count feature applies exclusively to those who ask for the information. If you’re sending data to Twitter, like when you tweet or retweet, you need not worry because such actions won’t deplete your API count.

Where does Twitter Put Up API Limits?

An important point to keep in mind is that Twitter exercises API limits on the third-party app, and not on its website. Hence, if the rate limit exceeds, your account will stop working.

How To Fix Rate Limit Exceeded Error

Encountering such an error can be frustrating, so here are some tips to ensure you’re not stuck:

Method 1: Wait It Out

The rate limit on Twitter is a temporary error and typically resolves itself within a short period. Wait for some time and try again later.

wait it out

Method 2: Reduce Total Usage Percentage

If you’re a developer working with Twitter’s API, make sure you’re adhering to their guidelines and efficiently managing your requests. Stay within the specified limits to avoid hitting the rate limit. It is recommended to keep it around 60 to 70 percent to stay away from the issue. This will lead to lesser updates to work with, and thereby, usage of lesser allowed API requests.

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Method 3: Adjust Search Results

Lowering the number of words while searching can help avoid the rate limit exceeded error on Twitter. For example, if you are using five words to track your account engagement, eliminate the word that gets fewer updates after each API call request. Also, make sure to prevent spamming and excessive usage. If you’ve been engaging too rapidly with tweets, retweets, or following/unfollowing accounts, it’s time to slow down. 

Method 4: Store API Results in Third-Party App

If you feel you would need those results in the long term, you can do this. A clear advantage of this is that you’ll be able to avoid submitting many API requests for the same purpose.

Method 5: Contact Twitter support

If you believe the rate limit exceeded error is occurring without any violation or excessive usage on your part, you can reach out to Twitter’s support team for further assistance. They can provide additional insights and help resolve the issue.

Twitter Support

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How Long Does Rate Limit Last on Twitter?

Ans. The duration of the rate limit depends in accordance with the endpoint and authentication method being used. Also, the most common request limit interval on Twitter is 15 minutes.

Q2. What Is The Tweet Limit Per Day?

Ans. The Twitter Help Center site quotes that a user can share up to 2,400 tweets per day. Furthermore, this limit is further fragmented into chunks of limits for semi-hourly intervals.

Q3. What Is 12-Hour Restriction on Twitter?

Ans. If a user gets a 12-hour restriction on their account, it implies that they have violated Twitter rules, especially in terms of inappropriate language or potentially abusive behavior.

Q4. Can Twitter Ban You For Liking Posts?

Ans. While there are no such bans for simply liking posts, there can be certain instances where one can go through this. One such example is if a user is aggressively liking and retweeting a large number of tweets in a small time frame.

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Now that you know what the rate limit exceeded error on Twitter means, you can simply follow the tips mentioned in the article to avoid it. Feel free to drop any further queries in the comment section.

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