Nostr vs. Bluesky vs. Mastodon: Best Decentralized Social Media in 2024

Step out of the big tech norm with decentralized networking!

Twitter’s acquisition in 2022 led to the launch of several decentralized social media platforms ready to lure users to more open communication.

Compared to X/Twitter, these platforms offer you more choices to create a community or dedicated server where users with similar interests can gather and share their ideas. 

At present, the top contenders in the market are Nostr, Bluesky, & Mastodon, and with so many options, you might be confused about which one to go for.

So, today we will jump into a detailed comparison between Nostr vs Bluesky vs Mastodon to clear all your doubts away.

Nostr vs. Bluesky vs. Mastodon Best Decentralized Social Media in 2024

Can’t Decide Between Nostr vs. Bluesky vs. Mastodon? 

Privacy has become a distant dream because of the way social media is now set up. Reports of apps selling your data to other companies for multiple purposes are bothersome.

Decentralized platforms like Nostr, Bluesky, and Mastodon offer better security and also work without ads to give you the same experience but with better safety. 

While it can be a tedious process to choose among these apps, luckily, this comprehensive table below can help you out:

  Nostr Bluesky Mastodon
Joining Process Any user can join after creating a private or public key. Any user can create an account from the website. New users can sign up via the app but it requires them to choose between servers.
Device Compatibility Compatible with iOS, Android, and desktop. Compatible with iOS, Android, and desktop. Compatible with iOS, Android, desktop and web browsers.
Focus Aims to provide real-time updates and personalized suggestions mostly through AI-powered content curation. Focuses on creating open protocols that allow various social media platforms to interact and communicate with one another. Emphasizes user privacy, community-driven moderation, and customizable cases for a range of social interactions.
User-Experience Provides a simplified user interface as it mainly focuses on AI-driven suggestions and tailored content delivery. It offers the majority of basic features you’d expect in a social network in a clear and user-friendly layout. However, as a Twitter alternative, the app lacks a lot of features. As a more complex platform, users are presented with a wide variety of interfaces that have different degrees of customization and moderation guidelines.
Decentralization Approach Client-and relay-based system that runs as an internet message-passing protocol without the need for servers. An AT Protocol-based decentralized network that allows for account portability. ActivityPub-based decentralized and open servers that enforce rules locally.
Privacy & Security May raise issues with privacy and data management methods as it uses user data for AI-driven personalization. Prioritizes user ownership and control over data and uses technologies that improve data transfer and privacy. Provides users with different degrees of control over their data based on the policies of each instance the user has selected. It also provides decentralized data storage across the platform.
Pricing Available for free across all platforms. Available for free across all platforms. Available for free across all platforms.

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Nostr vs. X vs. Threads 

In contrast to established platforms like X and Threads, Nostr functions as an open protocol that emphasizes decentralization, censorship resistance, and user empowerment.

Your information and data are shared with third parties that use them to cater their products according to your interests via X and Threads.

However, you can send tweet-like messages from Nostr without a centralized server. As it is an open-source app, anyone can directly contribute to its development and make it a better, ever-growing platform.

If you wish to host a marketplace on X or Thread, the platform’s privacy policy might not allow you to, however, this is not the case with Nostr.

What Makes Nostr a Different Decentralised Social Media Platform?

Nostr isn’t your typical social media application. As mentioned previously, it is known for its open-source protocol, censorship-resistant, and globally decentralized servers. Its goal is to completely reimagine the possibilities for sending and receiving digital text. 

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How to Use Nostr

By itself, Nostr is merely a protocol which is a set of rules for sending messages across the internet. They work through clients who use the platform to develop their apps or websites.

You can use your private key to log in to some Nostr clients. For the web, Iris is the most used Nostr client. Whereas for Android and iOS, Damus and Amethyst are top clients.

We have used Iris to show the steps mentioned below:

1. Open Iris on your web browser and click on Sign up from the left menu.

2. Enter your name and click on Go.

3. On the left menu, click on Settings >Account and then click on Copy Nsec under Private key to secure this encrypted data to a Nostr extension.

click on Copy Nsec under Private key

4. Open the official page of Alby and click on Add Brower Extension.

click on Add Brower Extension

5. Click on Add to Chrome and Add Extension to confirm your action.

6. After Alby is opened, set an unlock password, click Next, and then on Sign up.

7. Enter your Email address and password and click on Continue.

8. Now click on the Alby extension from Chrome, followed by the hamburger icon, and select Settings.

Click on Settings

9. Scroll down to Nostr and click on Go To Accounts under Private key.

10. Enter the private key you copied from your Nostr account and click on Save.

Now whenever you log into your Nostr account in Iris, you can simply click on Nostr Extension Login on the log-in page.

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Bluesky vs. Mastodon

The two decentralized social media platforms, Bluesky and Mastodon are often up for debate among users. Let’s check out their comparison:

  Bluesky Mastodon
Technology Used A social media federated network that leverages the AT Protocol, emphasizing account portability and transfer of data. Relies on the federated ActivityPub protocol which allows users to self-host instances without any restrictions.
Decentralization Approach It is a corporately funded project that may eventually allow monetization techniques and ads. It is a non-profit organization that runs entirely on contributions and crowdsourcing. It doesn’t use any ads or other forms of revenue.
User Experience Bluesky is quite similar to Twitter in a way it offers customizable feeds and algorithms, however, moderation is done automatically. Mastodon provides a sophisticated user experience that changes over time to meet the needs of the community and displays content in feeds in chronological order.
Privacy & Security With data export under beta testing, no 2FA option, and a privacy policy that raises questions about data usage and third-party services, Bluesky’s privacy features are still in the early stages of development. Mastodon has a variety of privacy features, such as follower approval, data export, 2FA, and post-privacy settings.

Which is the Best Decentralized Social Media Platform in 2024

Looking at the user reviews for 2024, Nostr stands at a 4-star rating, whereas Mastodon has received 4.2 stars vs Bluesky with 4.4-star rating.

Based on that, it can be said that Bluesky is ruled out as the best decentralized social media platform.

Now that you have understood an in-depth comparison of Nostr vs Bluesky vs Mastodon, you can make an informed decision before using these platforms.

If you have any queries or suggestions, do not hesitate to reach out to us in the comment section. Keep visiting TechCult for more tech-related know-how.

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