Is Discord Server Boost Permanent?

Find out the duration of Discord server upgrades and maximize their benefits.

Discord server boosts are essential for managing and building servers effectively. Therefore, if you’re a server owner on this platform, it’s important to understand the active duration of this feature to maintain its impact. In this article, we will explore if Discord server boosts are permanent and how long they last.

Is Discord Server Boost Permanent?

Is Discord Server Boost Permanent?

No, Discord server boosts are not permanent and are based on a monthly subscription plan. Members have the option to enable auto-renewal to continue boosting their favorite servers automatically. The decision to make server boosts temporary was implemented to prevent black market practices. Enabling automatic monthly renewal is the only way to maintain a permanent boost status for a server.

What is Discord Server Boost?

The Discord server boost feature allows you to unlock special features like improved audio and video quality.

There are three levels of server boosts:

  • Level 1: Boosting to this level unlocks 720p 60fps Go Live streaming, 100 emoji slots, and 128kbps audio quality.
  • Level 2: With fifteen server boosts, level 2 is achieved, offering all the features from level 1 and adding enhancements like 1080p 60fps Go Live streaming, 50MB upload limit, and 150 emoji slots.
  • Level 3: Reaching thirty server boosts unlocks level 3, encompassing the features of level 2. Additionally, it provides a unique server URL for sharing, a 100MB upload limit, 384kbps audio quality, and 250 emoji slots.

Understanding these three levels of server boosts allows users to optimize their server’s capabilities and enjoy an enhanced Discord experience.

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How Long Does Discord Boost Last?

Discord Server boosts typically last for one month. When the boost expires, the special features and associated rewards also expire. This platform advises members to renew their boost monthly. However, users with Discord Nitro Boost receive an additional two months of boost time, which means the special features remain available during that period. The regular server remains active while the Nitro boost is active.

How to Carry Out a Discord Server Boost?

You can learn the method to get boosts for your server with the help of these steps:

1. Launch the Discord app on your desktop and click on the User Settings gear icon from the bottom, as shown.

Go to User Settings by clicking on the gear icon located next to your username

2. Then, select Server Boost from the left pane under the BILLING SETTINGS section.

3. Click on Boost this server next to the desired server for which you want to purchase the boosts.

Server Boost - select Boost this server next to the desired server

4. Then, click on Continue from the popup.

5. Select the desired payment type and follow the onscreen instructions to purchase the boosts.

Select the desired payment type

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After going through this guide on whether Discord server boost is permanent, you should understand that maintaining active boosts requires a monthly subscription. Feel free to share your thoughts below, and remember to check back for more informative guides.

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  1. I think it’s a waste of money to pay for something not permanent… It’s like paying money to get nothing. Like fireworks just seconds of joy burning your money away.

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