How to Zoom In and Out in Chrome with Keyboard

The ability to zoom in on a webpage, however, can be helpful for a variety of purposes, such as enlarging the text size of a webpage to make it easier to read or zooming in on photos or videos to get a closer look. Thus, understanding how to zoom in on Chrome is the most fundamental thing you can do to improve your reading experience on your favorite web browser. So, continue reading to learn how to zoom in and out with or without keyboard.

How to Zoom In and Out in Chrome with Keyboard

How to Zoom In and Out in Chrome with Keyboard

You can use keyboard shortcuts to zoom in on a Chrome web page.

Note: If these shortcuts aren’t working for you, click on the three dots to manually change the zoom level, as explained further in this guide.

Option I: For Windows and Linux

Press Ctrl + + (plus) key to zoom in on the Chrome app on your PC/laptop.

Note: Press Ctrl + 0 (zero) keys to reset the zoom level to 100%.

Option II: For Mac

Press Command + + (plus) keys to zoom in.

Note: Press Command + 0 keys to reset the zoom level to 100%.

How to Zoom Out in Chrome with Keyboard?

You can press Ctrl + – (minus) keys on Windows & Linux and Command + – (minus) keys on Mac to zoom out in Chrome.

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How to Zoom In and Zoom Out in Chrome without Keyboard?

Without utilizing keyboard shortcuts, you can change the zoom level of a web page or document by zooming in and out with the help of these two methods.

Option I: Using Chrome Menu

You can zoom in and out on Chrome without keyboard from the Chrome menu. In order to use this technique, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Google Chrome app on your PC or laptop.

2. Now, click on the three-dotted icon in Google Chrome from the top right corner.

Now click on three dots in Google Chrome.

3. Now, click on the + icon to zoom in and the – icon to zoom out from the Zoom section of the menu.

Note: The page’s default setting is 100%.

Now, use the Zoom option to Zoom in or Zoom out.

Read this article from the start to learn how to zoom in Chrome with keyboard.

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Option II: Using Chrome Extension

Chrome extensions can provide the Chrome web browser extra features for zooming in and out of websites.

1. Access the Zoom for Google Chrome extension page on your Google Chrome browser.

2. Now, click on Add to Chrome.

On the extension page, tap on Add to Chrome

3. Now, a Z icon will appear in the extension bar.

Once the extension is added, a Z icon will appear in the extension bar

4. Click the Z key the next time you want to magnify a webpage. The expansion bar will be followed by a pop-up box.

5. Now, press the + (plus) key or – (minus) key to zoom in or out.

6. Click on Reset to return to the default 100% zoom.

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What are the Benefits of Zoom in Chrome?

The advantages of using Chrome’s keyboard zoom feature are as follows:

  • Increased accessibility: Zooming in can make text and images easier to read and understand for visually impaired persons.
  • Improved productivity: Zooming in can help you focus on a particular area or detail when working on a widescreen or a high-resolution display, making it easier to work and boosting productivity.
  • Consistency: Using the keyboard keys for zooming ensures consistency between various web pages and programs, making navigation via them simpler and more effective.
  • Faster navigation: Zooming in can help you quickly navigate long web pages or documents, allowing you to find things faster.

All in all, using zoom in Chrome with the keyboard function is a useful feature that can greatly improve usability and accessibility, and help you be more productive while using the web.

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We hope that you learned about how to zoom in and out on Chrome with and without keyboard shortcuts. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article.

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