How to Win Giveaways on Instagram

Unlock the mystery of winning big on Instagram with these tricks.

Who does not love the thrill of winning prizes? Instagram giveaways are a popular way of engaging and gaining followers. They can be fun and exciting, but winning them is no joke. Fret not; we are here to help you become a winner. With our pro tips, you will not only learn how to win giveaways on Instagram but also become a giveaway champion.

How To Win Giveaways on Instagram

How to Win Giveaways on Instagram 

If you are an avid Instagram user, you must already be aware of giveaways conducted on the platform by influencers. Along with being an exciting promotional event, these can help you save a lot of money. So, let us learn some cool hacks to win some giveaways!

Can You Win Giveaways on Instagram?

Yes, you can win giveaways on Instagram. All you have to do is what is mentioned in the description of that giveaway post and share it as much as possible. This will increase your chances of winning. To win an Instagram giveaway follow the steps mentioned below on your Android and iOS devices.

1. Open the Instagram app on your Android device or iOS device.

2. Go to the giveaway post.

3. Follow the giveaway hosting account and other accounts mentioned in the description of the post.


4. Follow these accounts on other social platforms as well.

5. Like and save the Instagram post.


6. Leave a single unique comment.


7. Share the post as much as you can.


8. Add the post to your story and stay active on Instagram.

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Are Instagram Giveaways Legit?

Yes, Instagram giveaways are legit, but not all of them. The giveaways that are conducted on Instagram are mostly real, but some are meant to scam people. To avoid any kind of scam, follow the steps mentioned in the below heading. However, the giveaways on Instagram are legit, but you need to take safety precautions to stay away from scams.

How to Avoid Scams When Trying to Win an Instagram Giveaway?

To avoid scams when trying to win an Instagram giveaway, just follow these steps:

1. Research the account

Check for the legitimacy of the giveaway-conducting account. Check whether the account is verified or not, check its bio, check if the account is created recently, and check the number of followers. If you found any issues with that account, do not proceed further and report it directly to Instagram.

2. Check the post

The post that is used for conducting giveaway has some sort of fake details or it is a stock image taken from the web. Also, check out the comments on the post; if they are repetitive or feel like they are fake, then do not proceed with the giveaway.

3. Check the giveaway terms

When trying to win a giveaway on Instagram, you must make sure that the terms and conditions of the giveaway are clear. If you find them difficult to understand or there are a lot of terms for giveaway participation, then you should not proceed with the giveaway.

4. Limit the personal information

If the giveaway is asking you to enter your address, card details, or any kind of details other than your name. Do not fall for it, and do not give out those details.

5. Be aware of suspicious link

If a giveaway wants you to go to a certain link, then make sure to check its authenticity. Scammers often use this kind of link to trick people into giving out personal information or downloading malware. If you found any suspicious links, stay away from them, and do not click on them.

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Can Anyone Conduct Giveaways on Instagram?

Yes, anyone can conduct giveaways on Instagram. It is only possible until and unless the rules and guidelines are followed by the user. Instagram has some promotional guidelines that apply to giveaways as well. Along with these guidelines, a giveaway should be fair and transparent, and the prizes offered must be legal and appropriate. If you follow all these guidelines, then you will have no problem conducting a giveaway on Instagram.

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