How to View Pokes on Facebook App on Android

If you’ve been on Facebook for a while, you might remember its famous poke feature we all used to enjoy. This tool was used as a fun way to send notifications to our friends or remind them about us. Surprisingly, pokes have made a comeback on the platform after it was taken hidden over the years. If you have recently received a poke notification and wish to view it on Facebook from your Android phone, you’re in the right place!

How to View Pokes on Facebook App on Android

How to View Pokes on Facebook App on Android

Finding pokes notifications has definitely become harder as people started using other features more on Facebook. But don’t worry, with these simple methods, you can easily view your pokes.

Method 1: Via Notifications

The easiest way to check your pokes is through the notification section of the Facebook app. Follow the steps to do the same:

1. Open Facebook and tap on the Notification icon from the top menu of the screen.

tap on the notification icon

2. Tap on any poke notification received from other users to see who has poked you on Facebook.

Method 2: Via Search Bar

Another way to view pokes is by looking up the feature from your search bar. Follow the steps below to do the same:

1. Open Facebook, tap on the Search bar at the top of the screen, and enter Poke.

2. Tap on Pokes to view any friend who has poked you.

Tap on Pokes

Can You Still Poke on Facebook App?

Yes, although the poke feature disappeared from Facebook over the years, it was never completely shut down.

Where is the Poke Menu on Facebook?

You can find the Poke menu only by looking up Poke in the search bar on Facebook.

Can I Respond to Pokes on Facebook?

Yes, if you wish, you can respond to pokes by tapping the Poke Back option under users who have poked you on Facebook.

Will I Get Facebook Pokes Notifications on Android?

Yes, if your notifications are on for the Facebook app, you will receive notifications any time a user pokes you.

Can I Disable Facebook Pokes on Android?

No, there is no direct option to disable pokes on Facebook. however, you can choose to change your notification settings to ignore or hide poke notifications. You can also block unknown users if they are frequently poking you unnecessarily.

Are Pokes Private on Facebook?

Yes, pokes are private communication between two users on Facebook. They will not be publicly visible either on your Facebook profile or timeline.

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Now that you know how to view Pokes on Facebook App from your Android device, ping your friends with a hello.

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