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How to Use Twixtor Plugin in After Effects

If you are a graphic designer, you must have heard about Adobe After Effects. This video effects software is a must-have for people who want to take editing to the next level. It helps you with animation, motion picture compositing, visual effects, and more such demanding tasks. But if you want to add a cherry on top, Twixtor plugin after effects is the best idea.

How to Use Twixtor Plugin After Effects

How to Use Twixtor Plugin in Adobe After Effects

If using twixtor plugin free download in Adobe After Effects was also troubling you, worry not as beginners often face this problem. Here are the steps you need to follow to use the plugin effectively:

1. Click to drag and drop the footage on Adobe After Effects.

adobe after effects drag and drop video or footage

2. Click on Layer tab and select Pre compose from the drop-down menu.

3. Set the New composition name and ensure to check the box against Move all attributes into the new composition and click OK.

4. Click on the Composition tab > Composition Settings to change the Duration according to your preference.

go to composition composition settings and duration

5. Next, go to Effects > RE: Vision Plugins > Twixtor.

6. Click on Effects Control and set the Input: Frame Rate to the video frame rate.

Note: To check the frame rate of your video, open the folder which contains it. Next, right-click on it and click on Properties. From here, click on Details tab.

7. Next, change the Speed % in Effects Control to your liking.

Note: Remember that this value will determine how slow the video will run after applying changes.

8. Now, double click on the composition under Layer name.

9. Click on Composition > Composition Settings > and change the Duration to what you kept earlier in step 4 and click OK.

10.Finally, click on the original composition in Render Queue and take a final look at your masterpiece.

Twixtor Pro Plugin Free Download

If you are looking to level up your video editing skills and artistry, After Effects is hands-down one of the best options. Here is how you can get Twixtor Pro Plugin free download:

1. Go to the official RE: Vision Effects website on your Windows PC.

2. Hover your mouse on PRODUCTS and click on Twixtor.

click on products and twixtor

3. Next, scroll down and click on MAC OS or Windows if you are a Windows user to download the zip file.

click on mac os or windows. How to Use Twixtor Plugin After Effects

What is Twixtor Effect?

In simple words, Twixtor plugin After Effects is the dream tool of almost every graphic designer. It is a video effects plug-in by RE: Vision Effects and has been a favorite since its launch in 2014. This tool is equipped with multiple power-packed features such as changing the frame rate, speed, and sequence of the images. Apart from this, you can also use its warping features to create visually stunning results like a pro.

Twixtor is currently available for Mac OS and Windows. The best part about Twixtor is that it is compatible with multiple post-production software such as:

final cut pro webpage

Is Twixtor Free?

No, if you were wondering is Twixtor free, you will be sad to know that you cannot get Twixtor After Effects free. Here is its available package option:

  • Twixtor v7 GUI is for $329.95.
  • Twixtor Pro v7 GUI is for $329.95.

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How Useful is Twixtor?

If you are new to editing stuff you may often catch yourself wondering whether or not it is worth investing your capital in Twixtor. Interestingly Twixtor plugin After Effects software is one of the top-most preferred options for seasoned editors. Although using Twixtor in Adobe After Effects is quite demanding, you can get a hang of things with consistent practice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How much does twixtor cost for After Effects?

Ans. As mentioned earlier, the basic Twixtor package is priced at $330 and the pro version comes for $595.

Q2. Is twixtor an app?

Ans. No, Twixtor is not an app. It is a plug-in software that allows users to create mesmerizing pictures and videos using different features and filters.

Q3. Are plugins for After Effects free?

Ans. It depends. Some websites do offer various free plugins for After Effects whereas other charge a hefty price.

Q4. How do you get twixtor?

Ans. You can download Twixtor for Windows and Mac from the official RE: Vision Effects website.

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We hope this article helped you in understanding how to get Twixtor plugin After Effects. If you have more suggestions or queries, feel free to drop them in comments down below. Also let us know what you would like to explore next.

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