How to Use Maestro to Create Playlists on Amazon Music Using AI Prompts

Imagine having the ability to create a playlist that suits your moods within seconds. Sounds like a dream come true, right? The good news is if you’re subscribed to Amazon Music, your wishful thinking is about to become a reality! Amazon Music has introduced an AI playlist generator, dubbed Maestro, which you can use to create playlists using any type of prompts. If you’re wondering how to use this new feature, keep reading.

How to Use Maestro to Create Playlists on Amazon Music Using AI Prompts

How to Use Maestro to Create Playlists on Amazon Music Using AI Prompts

Now you can build new playlists by just entering prompts in not just text form, but also emojis, activities, emotions, or sounds. Currently limited for beta testing in the US, here’s how you can create cool playlists and save them for later through Maestro.

1. Open Amazon Music.

2. Tap on the Maestro feature on your homescreen.

Note: You can also tap the + icon to create a playlist to get the Maestro option.

3. Enter the prompt of your choice or select from the options above the search bar.

4. Tap on Let’s go.

Tap on Let’s go

5. Tap on the Share or Save icon.

What Types of AI Prompts Can I Use with Maestro in Amazon Music?

Maestro supports a variety of AI prompts that users can use to create any playlists of their choice on Amazon Music, even for Alexa. Find some examples below which you can use to develop playlists using text as well as emojis:

  • Make me a happy playlist
  • Create a jazz playlist.
  • 🎤🚿🧼
  • Some music for running.
  • Songs that sound similar to Bon Jovi.
  • Myspace era indie songs.
  • 🏜️🌵🤠

Can I Edit Playlists Created by Maestro?

Yes, you can edit the playlist created by Maestro. Simply add, remove, or re-arrange any tracks according to your preference.

Is Maestro Available on All Amazon Music Plans?

No, Maestro is only available on limited Amazon Music plans like Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions. They can also save playlists instantly whereas, if you are a Prime or ad-supported member, you will get a 30-second preview of playlists before saving.

Why is Amazon Music Maestro Not Available for Me?

There can be several reasons why Amazon Music Maestro is not available for you, such as:

  • You reside outside of the United States.
  • You are not a beta tester for Amazon Music.
  • You do not have an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.

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Now that you know how to create playlists on Amazon Music using Maestro for AI prompts, have fun sharing playlists with your friends. Drop your queries and suggestions in the comments box and keep visiting TechCult for the latest tech information.

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