How to Use Lewdbot on Discord

Discord offers tons of bots to make servers more interactive and engaging among users. Lewdbot is also one such bot that adds a fun playful element to your server. You can play music and enjoy your favorite tunes with friends. So, without wasting much time, let’s see how to use Lewdbot on Discord!

How to Use Lewdbot on Discord

How to Use Lewdbot on Discord

Now interact with your friends through songs and add a wow factor to your Discord server. Let’s get started!

1. Visit the official website of Lewdbot and click on Add Lewdbot to your server.

2. Select your server under ADD TO SERVER and click on Continue.

Note: Lewdbot has recently changed its name to Lindsey, therefore, the bot’s name may appear as Lindsey while adding them to your server.

3. Click on Authorise.

4. Now, open Discord and go to your selected server.

5. Type in @, select lindsey followed by join.

6. Hit Enter.

7. Type in @lindsey followed by play and copy the URL of YouTube music to play a specific song.

8. Type in @lindsey followed by stop and hit Enter to pause the song.

Type in lindsey followed by stop to pause the song

9. Type in @lindsey followed by skip and hit Enter if you are playing multiple songs and wish to skip one.

10. Type in @lindsey followed by volume up or down and hit Enter to increase or decrease your volume levels.

With these easy steps, you can use the Lewdbot to play music on your Discord server.

Why is My Music Lagging or Skipping When Using Lewdbot in Discord?

You may experience your songs lagging or skipping over if too many users are playing music using Lewdbot on the same server. Additionally, due to some copyright issues on some songs, your music may get skipped automatically.

How Can I Use Lewdbot Apart from Playing Music?

You can also use Lewdbot for other things such as flipping coins, rolling dice, or defining words. Let’s see how:

1. Open Discord and select the server with Lewdbot.

2. Type in @ and select Lindsey followed by flip and hit Enter.

3. Then, type in @lindsey followed by roll and hit Enter.

4. Type in @lindsey followed by define (your word) and hit Enter. For example, @lindsey defines fate


This way you can also use the Lewdbot to do various other activities.

What is the List of Commands to Use with Lewdbot?

You can also use other commands using Lewdbot such as:

  • shuffle – to shuffle your current playlist.
  • setmusic – to set the music chat.
  • remove – to remove a song from the playlist.
  • nowplaying, np – to check which song is currently playing.
  • r34, rule34 – to send an NSFW pic from R34.
  • iateacrayon, iac – to search for R34 and the sort on IAteACrayon’s collection.
  • calc – to calculate an expression.
  • cthrow, storecookie, jarcookie, dropcookie, throwcookie – to throw coins.
  • modules, module – to manage modules for the server.
  • status – to show LewdBot Status.
  • shard, shart – to share information and manage.
  • lang, language – to change the language.
  • invite – to get an invite link for LewdBot.
  • permissions, perms – to manage per-role permissions.
  • inv, inventory – to manage your LewdBot inventory.
  • cookie, lewdcookie, cookies, lewdcookies, credits – to check and receive your daily cookies.
  • register, autoregister – to set up to configure auto registration.
  • softban, sban – to band and unban a user (Kick w/ message delete)
  • giveme, giverole, getrole – to give roles to users in the server.
  • hackban, hakban – to ban users from an ID list.

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We hope now you know how to use Lewdbot on Discord by following the steps outlined in this guide. Do not hesitate to reach out to us in the comment section. Keep visiting TechCult for more tech-related know-how.

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