How to Use Korean Keyboard on Android

Learning a foreign language gives you an edge if you have foreign friends. Korean is one such language that is in vogue these days because of the effect of K-pop culture. Writing in Korean is as difficult as typing on mobile. But is it possible to type in Korean? Yes, with the right approach and guidance, you can use a Korean keyboard on Android. We will guide you on the same. 

How to Use Korean Keyboard on Android

How to Use Korean Keyboard on Android

When you have a grasp of additional languages, there is always an interest in typing the language on your mobile. Having a Korean keyboard will boost your conversation with your Korean friends.

Method 1: Enable Korean Language in Android Settings

Every Android device has different ways to set the keyboard’s language depending on the phone you are using. However, almost all devices include the same function, so you can modify it very easily.

Moreover, you might not have the language on your Android, so you have to download it first and then add it to your keyboard. 

  1. Open Settings on your mobile
  2. Tap on the General Management option from the menu
  3. Tap the option Keyboard list and default
  4. Select the option of Samsung Keyboard and tap the Languages and Types
  5. Tap the Manage Input languages and enable the Korean language from the option below
  6. Once done, slide the space bar below to set the Korean language on the keyboard.

Enable the Korean language option from the options

Method 2:  Korean Keyboard through GBoard App

If your Android device doesn’t include a Korean keyboard, you can install Google Keyboard from the Play Store and set the language accordingly. You will get options to choose from, two basics, and 10 keys from the option displayed. 

  1. Open the Google Keyboard app
  2. Select the Input Method before choosing the language keyboard
  3. Tap on Languages and select the option Add Keyboard below
  4. Search Korean language and tap on Done.
  5. Once finished, tap on the globe icon or press the space bar below the keyboard to change the language.

Tap on Done to set the Korean language

Why Korean Keyboard for Android

  • You can switch between English and Korean when writing any texts to your friends
  • If you have Korean-speaking friends or family friends, writing them messages in Korean helps you to understand different types of slang and phrases.
  • It will enhance your work-related communication when you have to deal with Korean clients.
  • It will motivate you to write frequently if Korean is your target language.

Points to Keep in View When Using a Korean Keyboard

  • Ensure to familiarise yourself with the Korean alphabet like Hangul and 10 keys.
  • You can use the voice input on the keyboard if some of the sentences you find difficult to write.
  • Korean keyboard provides features like autocorrect and predictive texts which you can use for daily uses or you can disable them as you like.

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To improve your global connection, especially from Korea, it’s recommended to use a Korean keyboard on Android for a better understanding of the language.

We hope these methods have resolved your problems. Let us know your doubts in the comment below and for such technology hacks, stay tuned to TechCult. 

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