How to Use Generative AI in Google Search

Whether you need to research for your project or learn how to feed your pet, Google search has long been the go-to search tool for all of us. In 2023, Google announced the AI Generative search experience that can further improve the potential of its search engine. Well, it’s here already. We know you are as excited as us to use Generative AI in Google Search and see how it works. So, let’s cut the delay and get straight into it to witness the magic of AI once again.

How to use generative ai in google search

How to Use Generative AI in Google Search

2023 was the year of artificial intelligence. No doubt, AI seemed to dominate and underpin the foundation of every application in various sectors including search engines.

While Microsoft kept the hype up with Bing AI chat powered by Copilot in its search engine, Brave also impressed users with its AI-powered summarization feature. And now, the wave continues as Google is finally here with the highly anticipated SGE Generative AI in its search tool.

Pre-requisites for using Generative AI

  • Google app or Chrome on the device is updated
  • You are over 18 years old
  • You have a personal Google Account logged in on the device as Search Labs is not available to Google Workspace or Google Workspace for Education accounts.

Option 1: On PC

Follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your PC.

Note: Make sure you aren’t in Incognito mode.

2. On the top-right corner, click on the Search Labs icon to go to Google Search Labs.

3. Click on the gear (Settings) icon at the top-right corner to go to the Manage page.

4. Turn on the toggle for AI overviews and more.

Turn on the toggle for AI overview and more

5. Now go back to Google search and search for your query.

You will get Google’s AI-generated results at the top.

However, do note that AI overviews might not be available for all searches. If you see the Generate option, click on it to get an AI overview. You can also listen to AI overview results. Just click on Listen.

Option 2: On Smartphone

You can also experience Google AI overviews on your smartphone. Here’s how to access it:

Option 2.1: Via Google App

Follow the steps if you have the Google app installed on your phone:

1. Open the Google app.

2. Tap on the Search Labs icon at the top-left corner.

3. Scroll down to AI experiments and tap on Turn on for AI overviews and more.

Scroll down to AI experiments and tap on Turn on for AI overviews and more

Now when you make a search on Google, AI-generated results will appear.

Option 2.2: Via Google Chrome

Follow the steps to enable generative AI Google search via Chrome:

1. Make a search on Google Chrome.

2. Now on the results page, tap on the Search Labs icon at the top-left corner.

3. Tap on Turn on under AI overviews and more.

What is SGE Generative AI in Google Search?

Whether quick facts, in-depth articles, or multimedia content, Google search has always been there.

Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) is an experimental feature by Google that uses generative AI to provide quick and interactive responses to search queries.

As per Google, its generative AI is built on Large Language Models (LLMs). It is trained on extensive data provides summaries, answers follow-up questions, and insights from different sources. When you search for something on Google, it simplifies information and provides overviews on complex topics so that you can access direct relevant information in the form of a summary.

Google SGE is available in 120+ countries at present. However, you may not get overviews for all searches.

How to Turn Off Generative AI in Google Search

If you do not want to use the Google Search Generative Experience, you can simply turn it off. Here’s how:

1. Visit Search Labs on the Google Chrome browser.

2. Under AI experiments, click on AI overviews and more.

3. Turn the toggle off to disable AI overviews.

Turn the toggle off to disable AI overviews

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So, that is it. We hope our guide helped you use generative AI in Google search. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, feel free to drop them in the comments box below. Stay connected to TechCult to read more informative tech guides.

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