Control Your Special Day: Guide to Turn Off Instagram Birthday Notifications

Confirm the availability of birthday notifications feature on Instagram to ensure the security of your personal information.

You may want to keep your personal information private to reduce the flood of messages and comments you receive on your birthday. It also helps you regain control of your social media experience. In this guide, let’s understand if it is possible to stop or entirely turn off your birthday notifications on Instagram to maintain the privacy of your account.

How to Turn Off Birthday Notification on Instagram

Control Your Special Day: Guide to Turn Off Instagram Birthday Notifications

Birthdays are usually a reason to celebrate, but not everyone likes the attention or influx of messages that come with it. Let’s see if it is possible on Instagram and, if yes, how to fix that.

Quick Answer

Contrary to popular belief, Instagram lacks a built-in feature to announce birthdays to followers. Instead, you have to rely on personal interactions within the Instagram community for birthday celebrations and acknowledgments.

Can I Use Instagram Without Adding My Birthday?

Yes. If you add your birthday on Instagram, it will be visible to your followers and Instagram. However, you can use Instagram without entering your birthday. The birthday section is optional, so you can skip this step when creating your Instagram account.

Should I Put My Real Birthday on Instagram?

It’s up to you. If you include your actual birthday in your Instagram profile bio, it will be visible to all your followers, and Instagram might utilize it to display more relevant ads. Therefore, it’s entirely your decision whether or not to share your genuine birthdate on Instagram.

Does Instagram Notify Birthdays?

No, Instagram does not notify your birthday to anyone. However, if your IG profile bio contains your birth date, your followers and other IG users may find it out.

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Why is Instagram Forcing Me to Add Birthday?

You can use Instagram without adding your birthday, but Instagram insists on asking for your birthday. It’s a way for Instagram to follow laws and regulations regarding children’s online privacy. By default, if you create an Instagram account and you’re under 16 years old (or under 18 years old in some countries), your account will be set to Private. Instagram may also use this information to provide services and content that are suitable for your age, like age-restricted accounts, and to discourage minors from signing up for the platform.

How to Check Friend’s Birthday on Instagram?

If you’ve forgotten your friend’s birthday or want to surprise them without asking directly, there are a few tricks you can use to find out their birthday on Instagram. Instagram doesn’t show birthday dates on profiles, so these methods aren’t guaranteed to work, but one of them might help you. Here’s a simple guide with a few ways to check a friend’s birthday on Instagram.

Method 1: Through Instagram Profile Bio

An Instagram Bio is a short summary or description that appears on your Instagram profile. It allows you to share information about yourself, your interests, and your activities. If you’re searching for a friend’s birthday, the first place to look is their Instagram bio, since many people include their birthday there. Your Instagram bio is situated on your profile page, right next to your profile picture and below your name. Let’s see how you can find someone’s Instagram bio.

1. Open the Instagram application on your Android or iOS devices.

Note: Make sure you are logged into your IG account.

2. From the bottom bar, tap on the Explore tab.

3. Enter your friend’s IG username whose birthday you want to check.

Tap on the explore option from the search for your friend’s username whose birthday you want to check.

4. From the search results, tap on the friend’s profile to open it.

5. In the bio, locate the birthdate if the profile owner.

You will find their bio just below their name and check if their birth date or month is mentioned or not.

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Method 2: Locate Birthday Related Posts

If the person’s bio doesn’t provide useful information about their birthday, it’s time to check their posts for any posts celebrating their birthday. Nowadays, many people share pictures and videos of their life’s activities. Even if someone doesn’t post frequently, most Instagram users like to share a picture of themselves on special occasions like parties and birthdays.

Follow the steps mentioned above to open your friends’ profiles and then search for any posts where they are wearing birthday outfits, cutting a cake, or doing something special they enjoy on that day. Once you find a relevant post, it will be easy for you to guess your friend’s birthday.

Method 3: Discover Birthday Story Highlights

Users with a limited number of posts (only 2 or 3) on their profile often upload numerous photos, selfies, videos, and boomerangs on their stories. If checking their feeds and bio doesn’t yield results, you should explore their stories highlights section located just below the bio on their Instagram profile page. If your friend is an avid storyteller, it’s essential to browse through their Instagram highlights. You may be surprised at how easily you can discover their birthday from there, as they might have a highlight specifically named Birthday or Celebration.

Method 4: Find Shared or Tagged Posts

Instagram has a helpful feature that allows you to view posts of other people in which your friend was tagged. This encourages people to share your content and connect it to their networks. If checking their bio, story highlights, and posts didn’t provide any helpful information, our last resort is to search for their tagged posts.

To do this, switch to the Tagged section on their Instagram profile page. Here, you can see all the posts the user was tagged in. If your friend’s profile has no posts or stories, this is the only way to discover their birthday. There’s a high chance that one of these connections might upload a post celebrating their birthday or wishing them well. This method can be used to guess their birth date if previous methods fail.

Tagged section on Instagram profile page

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How Do I Stop Instagram from Announcing My Birthday?

Instagram does not support the features to announce birthdays for your followers. This platform only focuses on sharing content with fellow IG users.

How to Stop Instagram Birthday Notification?

As mentioned above, IG cannot notify your followers about your birthday as this feature is not yet supported.

How Do I Turn Off Birthday Notifications on Instagram? How to Turn Off Birthday Notification on Instagram?

Contrary to what many people think, Instagram doesn’t have a feature to notify your followers about birthdays. Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram mainly focuses on sharing content and connecting with other users. Although individuals can share their birthdays in their bio or through posts, Instagram itself doesn’t send automated notifications or offer a specific section for birthday announcements. Instead, users depend on personal interactions like direct messages, comments, or dedicated birthday posts to celebrate and acknowledge birthdays within their Instagram community.

After reading this guide on how to stop or turn off birthday notification on Instagram, you may have understood how the feature to send out notifications isn’t available in the first place. Leave your doubts and suggestions in the comments box below, and keep exploring our website for more interesting guides.

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