How to Transfer Robux to Another Roblox Account

Explore secure methods to send Robux between accounts efficiently and safely.

Roblox is a platform for adventures and creations that grows through the exchange of ideas, skills, and Robux. In this digital world, transferring digital currency opens the door to diverse interactions and expressions. You can use it to give friends virtual treasures or support ambitious in-game projects. If you want to do any of this, let’s find out how to transfer Robux to another account and fully engage in the Roblox experience.

How to Transfer Robux to Another Account

How to Transfer Robux to Another Roblox Account

You can transfer Robux to other Roblox accounts, but it’s not a straightforward process. Directly moving Robux from one account to another isn’t allowed. Yet, there are workarounds to make it happen. You can sell a game pass you’ve made or purchase one from specific accounts to transfer Robux.

Let’s explore how to create and sell a game pass for your created game on Roblox in exchange for Robux.

Note: At the moment, only accounts that have memberships are eligible to take part in selling. Additionally, clothes and other items with the labels Limited or Limited U can be sold again. When looking at an item details page or exploring the Marketplace, there will be an icon indicating if it is Limited or Limited U below the item photo.

1. Access your Roblox Creator dashboard on your browser.

2. Click on your creation in the Creations section.

Click on the created game. | How to Transfer Robux to Another Account

3. From the left pane, click on the Associated Items option.

From the left panel click on the Associated Items option.

4. Switch to the PASSES tab.

Click on PASSES from the associated items section.

5. Click on CREATE A PASS.

Note: Now, you will be able to create the pass for your creation and use it to transfer Robux to another account.

Click on CREATE A PASS button. |

6. Enter the pass details and click on CREATE PASS.

Upload an image, enter a name and description then click on CREATE PASS.

7. Click on the created pass.

Click on the created pass. | How to Transfer Robux to Another Account

8. Click on the Sales option from the left pane.

Click on the Sales option from the left panel.

9. Turn on the toggle for the Item on Sale option.

10. Then, set the Robux amount and click on SAVE CHANGES.

Click on Item on Sale, enter Robux amount, and click on SAVE CHANGES. |

11. Now, from your other Roblox account, visit your profile and access the Passes & Gear menu for your creation.

Note: You can also ask your friend or the user with whom you want to transfer Robux.

12. Buy the game pass for the set Robux amount.

This way, you can get or transfer Robux from your other account. Now, let’s see if you can sell your clothes on Roblox for Robux.

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Can I Sell My Roblox Clothes for Robux?

Yes, you can sell your Roblox clothes. You can make and customize your avatar items like shirts and then sell them in different marketplaces. Make Classic Clothing items first before trying to market them. Remember that clothing items cannot be distributed for free and have multiple costs associated with creating Classic Clothing.

How to Sell Items on Roblox?

You can read and follow the above-mentioned steps to learn how to sell items like game passes on Roblox.

Note: Only accounts that have a Premium membership are permitted to sell Limited or Limited U products. Items go under hold for up to 30 days after being purchased. Only when this holding period has expired can the item be resold.

Do You Get Robux Back If You Delete Clothing?

No, there’s no way you could get your Robux back after deleting the clothing items. The terms of use policy also state that Roblox doesn’t refund after you delete the items. Before making a purchase with Robux, you must use the try-on option and carefully read the item description. However, it might be worth trying to connect with Roblox support.

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This article has shared helpful information on how to transfer Robux to another account using a practical workaround. So, if you’re looking to share your Robux with friends or streamline your in-game resources, you now have the method at your disposal to make that happen swiftly. Share your thoughts in the comments below, and stay tuned for more insightful articles!

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