How to Tell if Someone Read Your Message on LinkedIn

Discover the secret to tracking message views on LinkedIn!

Are you eagerly waiting for a response after sending an important message? Wondering if it was even received and read by the recipient? Fortunately, there are ways to tell if someone reads your message on LinkedIn. In this article, we will discuss the same and put your curiosity to rest.

How Can I Know if Someone Read My Message on LinkedIn

How to Tell if Someone Read Your Message on LinkedIn

By default, the Read Receipt feature on LinkedIn displays when messages are read by both parties. If both users enable this feature, you will see a small version of the recipient’s profile picture in the bottom left corner of your sent message, indicating it’s been read. If this icon is missing, either you or the recipient has likely turned off this feature, or the message has not been opened yet.

Does LinkedIn Send Read Receipts?

Yes, LinkedIn sends the read receipts by default to the people you are having conversations with.

Can You See Read Receipts on LinkedIn?

turn off the Read receipt | Tell if Someone Read your Message on LinkedIn

Yes, you can! When the read receipt feature is enabled, it will display the read receipt for all the messages sent between you and your connections. However, it is important to note that the read receipts will not be visible to the sender of InMail messages. This means that if you send an InMail to people who aren’t your connections, you will not be able to see the read receipt icon for all the exchanged messages.

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What Does LinkedIn Read Receipts Check Mark Mean?

LinkedIn read receipts check mark means the message was sent but not necessarily opened or read. LinkedIn uses icons to show message status, and you can also see when your message was viewed.

How Do LinkedIn Read Receipts Work

By default, the LinkedIn read receipt feature and typing indicators are enabled. When this feature is turned on by both recipients and sender the small version of the recipients’ profile picture will display below sent messages, indicating that it has been viewed. If you’re on your desktop you can also view the timestamp. This lets you see the day your message was viewed.

In addition, read receipt feature doesn’t work for InMail messages, you will not receive a miniature version of the recipient profile picture below your InMail messages.

While LinkedIn doesn’t send notifications indicating whether someone has read your messages, there are ways to know if the recipient has viewed them or not. We trust this article provided valuable information about how to tell if someone read your message on LinkedIn. If you still have any queries or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

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