How to Sign Up on Snapchat Online Without Download

Directly access Snapchat from your browser!

Revolutionizing communication and photo-sharing, Snapchat has also introduced a little-known feature that transforms user experience. You can sign up for Snapchat online without having to download the app! Now you will be able to use this hidden gem to access Snapchat’s features directly from your web browser. Let’s jump right in and see how.

how to sign up snapchat online without download

How to Sign Up or Create Snapchat Account Online Without Download

Earlier it was only possible to use Snapchat on Android and iOS. But, with the recent updates the platform can also be used in a PC. We’ll walk you through how to create a Snapchat account on your computer, in the following steps below:

1. Open any browser on your smartphone and search Snapchat Sign up.

2. Enter the on-screen details as asked.

3. Swipe down and tap on Sign Up & Accept.

Click on sign up and accept | Snapchat sign up online without download 

4. A verification code will be sent to your Email ID. Enter the code and tap on Next.

Click on next

Your Snapchat account will now be created. You can follow the same procedure to sign up on Snapchat web.

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How to Login to Snapchat on PC

Once you sign up using any device, you can login to your Snapchat account on your PC using the web version as shown below:

1. Open Snapchat web and click on Log in to chat from the home screen.

2. Enter your Username or Email and select Next.

Note: You can also select Use phone number instead.

select Next | Snapchat login on pc 

3. Enter your Password and select Next.

You’ll be logged into your Snapchat account. 

Snapchat always shines through with its commitment to making the browsing experience hassle-free. We trust this guide has empowered you to sign up for Snapchat online without the need for downloads. For more valuable insights and information, stay tuned to our blogs. Feel free to share your suggestions or queries in the comments below.

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