How to Share Entire Google Drive

Google Drive is a center of collaboration and creativity as it is not merely a storage system. Sometimes, you may need to share your complete drive due to any team project or collaboration. Unfortunately, Google Drive doesn’t support sharing the whole drive with someone. But, worry not! We’re here with some tips on how to share the entire Google Drive. Let’s dive into the steps.

How to Share Entire Google Drive

How to Share Entire Google Drive

Google Drive’s sharing option has made remote work convenient for office workers. You can also choose public or restricted sharing options, making it safer. It also allows the owner to restrict the action, as viewer, editor, or commenter, for the receiver. However, sharing the intact drive can be troublesome. Here’s how to do it with less effort.

Method 1: By Sharing All the Files

Sharing all the files one by one will be tedious. To make it convenient you must share one folder containing all the drive files. For this

  1. Access the Google Drive and Create a Folder.
  2. Now, transfer all your files into this new folder.
  3. Right-click on the folder and select Share.
  4. Input the email address of the recipient.
  5. Specify the permissions (e.g., Viewer, Commenter, Editor).
  6. Finally, click on Send.

click on Send

The recipients will be emailed with a link to the shared folder.

Method 2: By Transferring Ownership

This is another way to share Google Drive similar to the above method. To implement this

  1. Open My Drive and Create a Folder.
  2. Then, put all your files in the folder.
  3. Click on the three dots and then choose Share.
  4. Select the person from your shared contacts.
  5. Click on the permission menu
  6. Select Transfer Ownership.

Select Transfer Ownership

This method makes your recipient the owner of your whole Google Drive.

Method 3: By Creating Shared Drive on Google Workspace

Shared Drive in Google Workspace is a suitable mode to share all files. Also, different access levels can be created by enabling roles like Manager, Content Manager, Contributor, Commenter, and Viewer. However, Managers and Content managers can add and delete people and files between the shared drive whereas the Contributors can’t delete the files. To create it

  1. Login to your Google Workspace account and then go to Google Drive.
  2. On the left side, choose Shared Drives from the menu.
  3. Click on + New on the top of the left panel.
  4. Input a name for your Shared drive.
  5. Click Create.

name the drive and Click Create

After you’ve set up your shared drive, you can add members and designate their access levels.

Method 4: By Using Third-party Apps

Alternatively, you can use the dedicated third-party interface of MultCloud to connect to and manage multiple cloud storage services without difficulty. Using the sync option, you can share files from any of your accounts while adding your Google Drive accounts, in one-way or two-way transfer. To use this

  1. Navigate to and log in with the Google account.
  2. Click on Cloud Transfer in the left side panel.
  3. Select your Drive files and click on Transfer Now.
  4. Your files are transferred to MultCloud.
  5. Click on Copy Link and share it with the recipients.
  6. Otherwise, Click on Send Email and input the recipient’s email address.

input email and Click on Send Email

The link will be sent to the person via the provided email.

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Google Drive has proven to be a versatile tool for personal or work purposes. Since Google Drive doesn’t allow users to send the full drive simultaneously, we hope our guide will surely enable you to share the entire Google Drive. Feel free to post your queries and suggestions in the comments section below. Keep tuning in to Techcult for more of these how-to guides.

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