How to Set a Custom Alarm on Android

Before the sun silently breaks through the starry blanket, the humble yet powerful energy that awakens us is an alarm. Gone are the days when you needed a typical alarm clock to wake you up. Now, every Android has an alarm feature. This guide explains varied methods to set up a custom alarm on Android. Let’s embark on the journey.

How to Set a Custom Alarm on Android

How to Set a Custom Alarm on Android

At the exact predetermined time, the alarm jolly signals to get back to life. The alarm sound, whether a soft chime or an annoying racket of beeps and alarms, declares war on anything that might dull our sense of alertness. Many Androids have preset alarms.

However, you can also personalize them by the below-mentioned methods.

Setting Up Alarm Manually

Putting an alarm manually is the best and most convenient way. Here’s how to do it.

  1. On your Android, navigate to the Clock app.
  2. Select the Alarm option at the bottom toolbar and tap the + sign.
  3. Select the time you want the alarm to ring and press OK.

Select the time and tap OK

Your alarm is set for the determined hours. You can also customize the regular alarm tone to your favorite song.

Setting Up Alarm with the Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual personal assistant app created by Google and available on Android. If you share your Google account credentials and other services with it, Google Assistant can manage your tasks. You can deftly specify an alarm by telling it the alarm time. For this

  1. Access the Google Assistant by saying OK Google on your Android phone.
  2. Say, Set an alarm at [time].
    An automatic alert generated by Google Assistant’s voice will notify about the alarm set-up.

Say Set an alarm

How to Delete an Alarm

On weekends you may be so tired that you would rather sleep for the required hours. Alright, you wish to remove an alarm. It can always be done in the clock app or by telling the Google Assistant. Below are the steps.

  1. Go to the Clock app and select the alarm you want to delete.
  2. Tap on the Delete icon (Trash bin).

Tap on the Delete icon

You can dismiss an upcoming alarm by saying OK Google, delete my alarm to your Google Assistant.

How to Set Alarm to Vibrate Mode

Are you a light sleeper and wake up by a little vibration on your Android? Then, this feature is for you. You can set your alarm to vibration mode and wake up slowly without disturbing your roommates. For this

  1. Access the clock app and set a new alarm by tapping the + sign.
  2. Tap on the Alarm Sound (Bell icon) and select Silent.
  3. Make sure the Vibrate mode is checked.

Check the vibrate mode box

Now your alarm will not make any sound and vibrates only.

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It is amazing, how an alarm bends our daily routines into perfection adding punctuality, discipline, and focus. Though we accept or defy its call, the alarm remains a constant companion on our journey through time.

We hope our guide helped you set a custom alarm on Android. Please feel free to mention in the comments section if you have any questions or recommendations. Stay with TechCult for more useful guides.

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