How to See Who Left Discord Server

As Discord servers foster seamless communication among creators and streamers with their audience, they often want to stay informed when someone leaves.

We understand as an admin or moderator of a Discord server, you might not want members to leave. On the other hand, with a lot of members, it can be challenging to keep track of who quits. In this article, let’s discuss, whether Discord sends a notification or displays a message when someone has left the server, and if it doesn’t, how to see the same.

How to See Who Left Discord Server

How to See Who Left Discord Server

You can check out the members’ list to stay informed about someone leaving. If the person you are looking for isn’t on the list, they left. However, this method is time-consuming and not feasible on a Discord server with many members. We have a way to simplify the process. You can set up a leave server notification bot such as the MEE6 bot, which can help with this.

Note: You can only use this method if you have permission to make changes in the Discord server. 

1. Visit the official page of MEE6.

2. Click on Add to Discord option.

Click on Add to Discord option.

3. Enter login credentials of the Discord account, then click on Authorize option.

Note: You don’t have to enter the login credential if you are already logged in to Discord on the browser.

Enter login credentials of the Discord account, then click on Authorize option.

4. Click on Setup. Select the Server to which you want to give authorization to MEE6, then tap Continue.

5. Decide the permissions you want to give to the bots, then select Authorize.

6. After the bot redirects you to the human verification page, click on I am a human option.

This will set up the bot with your Discord server, now you have to enable goodbye notifications.

7. Open the MEE6 dashboard and click on Go under the server.

8. Then click on Welcome under the Server Management option.

9. Turn on the toggle located beside Send a message when a user leaves the server option.

10. Click on the Goodbye message channel.

Note: You can customize the Goodbye Message.

11. Select the Save button.

After you enable this option, whenever someone leaves the server, you will be notified via the Goodbye message.

Is There a Message When You Leave Discord Server?

Discord would not send a message when you leave a server if the admin isn’t using any bots.

Does Discord Notify When Someone Leaves the Server?

No, Discord itself also does not notify anyone when someone leaves the server. However, if the admin is using a bot like MEE6, then yes it is possible for them to know who left their server. Read our article Does Discord Notify When You Leave a Server?

How to See When Someone Joined Discord Server

Similarly, Discord doesn’t provide you with any option to know who joined the Discord server. It is possible to know if someone new joined, in case your server doesn’t have many members, by analyzing the member list. You can also use Logger Bot for invite tracking.

We hope this article answered your query about how to see who left Discord server. If you got any more questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section. Thank you for reading.

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