How to See Discord Servers You Left

Nostalgic about your old Discord servers? Or maybe you just want to reconnect with some old pals? Either way, let's stroll down memory lane and see if Discord has saved any history.

As a fellow Discord user, we assume you have been a member of multiple servers in the past. Just a curious thought, have you ever wondered about the ones you left or were removed from? Anyway, we understand you’re here to confirm whether you can search and check your server history. Wonder no more and let’s answer your query about how to see the Discord servers you have left.

how to see discord servers you left

How to See Discord Servers You Left

The dictionary defines Discord as disagreement. However, it might not be the only reason users leave a server. Personal, professional, or whatever the reason you are no longer part of the server, we’re here to help you revisit their history.

Quick Answer

You need to place the request for your data package on Discord. Follow these steps:

1. Click on Privacy & Safety in Discord Settings.

2. Click on Request Data and follow the on-screen instructions.

Can You Search Discord Server History?

Yes, you can search Discord server history. According to Discord’s Privacy Policy, they save the history of servers you’ve joined and retain it as long as the account is active and as long as they need it. However, once you leave or are removed from a server, you might also lose access to its chat history. In such cases, if you don’t bother about the chat history but only want to know the servers you have joined and left in the past, you might be able to access it.

Method 1: Obtain Old Invite Links

If you want to know about the servers you left in the past, you can take a look around and see whether you retain the invite links of the server. Moreover, if you were invited by a friend, check the chat history or ask them to resend. If you left any public server of a specific creator or organization, look for their official pages or social media handles. In such cases, you might be able to join those Discord servers once again.

Method 2: Request Data

As we said, Discord retains and saves some of your data as per their requirements. So, you can make a request for your data on the platform including account information, activities, and Discord servers you left. However, do note that:

  • You cannot request data while another request is pending.
  • It can take up to 30 days for you to get the package in your email.
  • The data will be sent to the email address mentioned by you. Once requested, you cannot change it. 
  • In the event that you delete your account before receiving the data, then the request will get canceled.

Follow the steps to request data on Discord:

1. Open Discord and then click on the gear icon to head to its Settings.

2. Click on Privacy & Safety and then click on Request Data under Request all of my Data.

Now find Privacy & safety and click on it, then press request data option. | how to see discord servers you left

3. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait until the data is sent to your email.

4. Download the mail and check if you can see the Discord server history of those you have left.

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Method 3: Use Discord Help Page

If it doesn’t work for you, then you can use the Discord help page and register a complaint. They will help you with the server history. 

1. Launch the Discord support page.

2. Click on the help button at the bottom left corner.

Click on the help button at the bottom right corner | Can you search Discord history

3. Describe your issue and follow the instructions provided by their team.

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We hope that following our guide you were able to see Discord servers you left. For any more queries or suggestions, drop a comment for us in the box below. 

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