How to Reset Tinder Matches

Swiping and discovering new matches seems a lot of fun unless you run out of profiles on Tinder. With so many options available and constant swiping, you’re bound to hit the wall someday. But there is no need to panic, you can choose to reset your Tinder matches and start over any time! Let’s check out how.

How to Reset Tinder Matches

How to Reset Tinder Matches

Unfortunately, Tinder does not give users the option of selecting any refresh button directly in the app. You need to delete your account and make a new one to reset matches. Here’s how you can easily hit the refresh button and find new matches on Tinder with just a few clicks.

1. Open Tinder and tap on your profile at the bottom right corner.

2. Tap on the Settings icon at the top right corner.

3. Swipe down and tap on Delete account.

4. Select Delete my account.

5. Tap on I WANT A FRESH START option under Please let us know the reason you are leaving.

6. Select I want to reset my matches in Submit Feedback.

7. Tap on Continue to account deletion.

Tap on Continue to account deletion

Now you can create a new account from scratch and get reset matches on Tinder.

When do Tinder Likes Reset?

Tinder likes are known to reset every 12 hours. Therefore, if a non-premium user has used all their likes in a single day, they will have to wait for 12 hours to like again whereas a Tinder Gold member does not need any likes reset as they benefit from unlimited swipes.

How to Reset Tinder Matches Without Deleting Account

Users can try restarting the app by removing it from the background apps and opening it again. However, there is no way you can reset matches without deleting your account on Tinder.

Will I Lose My Current Matches If I Reset My Tinder Matches?

Yes, since resetting matches means deleting your Tinder account, you will also lose your matches, messages, and data from your current account.

Why Did All My Tinder Matches Reset?

If you notice that some Tinder matches have disappeared or reset in your account, it may be because you were interacting with a bot account. Additionally, the app may have some internal glitches that have caused all your matches to reset. Therefore, sign out of your account and log back in after some minutes to fix this issue.

Can You Rematch with Someone You Unmatched on Tinder?

No, unmatching with someone is a permanent action on Tinder, and the platform flags both users to never rematch again. However, if you have created a new account, it is possible to match with certain users again.

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We hope now you have understood everything about how to reset your Tinder matches. Good luck without your potential partner! Keep visiting TechCult to know the latest tech walkarounds. If you have any queries or suggestions, do reach out to us in the comment section.

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