How to Reset Autocorrect on Android

Autocorrect has been a great help for us at times by correcting misspelled words and suggesting alternative words as you type on your phone.

However, sometimes it may make mistakes or suggest unintended corrections, which changes the meaning of the original word or sentence, in turn causing embarrassing moments.

Don’t worry though. You can thankfully reset the autocorrect feature on your Android phone to ensure it works properly. Let’s check out how!

How to Reset Autocorrect on Android

How to Reset Autocorrect on Android

Resetting your autocorrect tool can help improve its predictability better. Follow these steps to do the same:

1. On your phone Settings, tap on System/Control, and then on Language & keyboard.

Note: Some smartphones have this setting name as Language & input.

2. Select the On-Screen keyboard from the menu.

Note: Your device may have this setting name as Virtual keyboard or Manage keyboard.

3. Tap on the default keyboard, i.e., the one you use.

4. Tap on Text correction and turn the toggle off for Auto-correction.

turn the toggle off for Autocorrect | How to Reset Autocorrect on Android

5. Now, turn the toggle on again to reset your autocorrect settings back to new.

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Will Resetting Autocorrect Delete My Custom Dictionary?

Yes, resetting autocorrect may delete your custom dictionary, which includes any personalized words you have added over time.

However, the exact behavior may vary depending on the device and keyboard app. Some smartphones first ask and confirm before clearing the custom dictionary.

I Accidentally Added the Wrong Word to Autocorrect, Can I Remove It?

Yes, if you have accidentally added a wrong word to autocorrect, you can simply remove it by accessing your device’s keyboard settings.

Does Resetting Autocorrect Affect Other Keyboard Settings?

No, resetting autocorrect usually only affects the predictive text and learned words on the current keyboard. Settings for other keyboards on the device such as language preferences, keyboard layout, and gesture typing settings should be unchanged.

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Will Resetting Autocorrect Fix Issues with Predictive Text?

Yes, if you’re experiencing problems like incorrect predictions or continuous misuse of words, resetting autocorrect can often resolve these issues.

Now that you know how to reset your autocorrect settings on Android, text away without the fear of making weird keyboard mishaps.

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