How to Remove Top Hits from Safari on iPhone

Declutter your browsing experience by getting rid of Top Hits!

Safari, as its name implies, allows users to travel and explore at high speeds without interruption. It offers the best experience for using the internet, with robust customization, powerful privacy protections, and optimized battery life. You can use Safari through a web browser or by installing the app. The first thing you will notice after launching the app is the top hits. But if you are someone who does not like seeing such recommendations, then you can easily get rid of them. Keep on reading this article to know more about how to remove top hits from Safari on iPhone.

How To Remove Top Hits From Safari Iphone

How to Remove Top Hits from Safari on iPhone

Safari automatically suggests the leading websites listed under Top Hits. These hits are based on a user’s browser history. However, it can also become frustrating if you do not wish to see such recommendations. Therefore, you can follow the steps given below to delete these suggestions on iPhone or an iPad.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on Safari.

tap on Safari | how to remove top hits from Safari iPhone

2. Then toggle Off Preload Top Hit.

toggle Off Preload Top Hit

What Does Top Hits Mean on iPhone Safari?

Top hits on iPhone Safari simply mean hits with high viewership and the most attention. When you search the keyword in iPhone Safari, the top hits come up first on the search bar. These make your job easy by letting you know the number and different parts of information on the internet when you search for any particular topic.

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What are Top Hits Based On?

Safari’s top hits on iPhone are based on your browser history as well as the search engine you have chosen for searching for the desired information. When you type a keyword into the search bar, the leading results are the top hits for that specific topic.

What Makes a Top Hit on Safari?

When anything gets a lot of viewership, attention, and other types of feedback, it becomes a hit. So, when you type the keyword while searching, the top results that appear on your screen are the top hits.

What is Preload Top Hit?

When you search for a specific keyword in the browser, Safari by default automatically preloads the top-hit website in the background. This reduces the overall loading time when the user opens it.

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How Do I Turn off Safari Suggestions on iPhone

Following are the steps to turn off Safari suggestions on iPhone:

1. In the Settings app on your iPhone, open Safari.

2. Toggle Off Safari Suggestions.

Toggle Off Safari Suggestions | how to remove top hits from Safari iPhone

We hope that this guide has cleared all your doubts and queries related to how to remove top hits from Safari on iPhone. If you still have any doubts, leave them in the comment section below.

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