How to Remove Profile Photo from Google Pay

Clear profile picture to safeguard your privacy on Google Pay.

Even if your Google Pay profile picture is a visual representation of your account, you might want to remove it to protect your privacy. Hence, knowing how to remove your profile photo from Google Pay gives you more control over your online presence. Follow our step-by-step guide to do so effectively.

How to Remove Profile Photo from Google Pay

How to Remove Profile Photo from Google Pay

To remove photos from Google Pay, you need to access your Google account settings, not the downloaded Google Pay app or website. It is because your Google Pay profile picture is your Google account photo, which is also used across different Google products and services. So, to delete a picture from Google Pay, follow these steps:

Note: Doing this will also remove your photo from other Google products and services that use your Google account photo, such as Gmail, YouTube, Drive, etc.

1. Open the Settings app on your Android phone.

2. Swipe down and tap on Google.

3. Then, tap on Manage your Google Account.

4. Switch to the Personal info tab from the top.

Your Google Account Home Page

5. Under the Basic info section, tap on Profile picture to get rid of your profile photo from your Google Pay account.

Under Basic Info, click on Profile Picture

6. Tap on Remove.

Click on Remove

7. Tap on Remove again to confirm the action.

That’s it! It is how you can successfully remove your Google Pay profile photo or picture from your Google account.

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Why Do I Have a Google Pay Profile?

You might have a Google Pay profile if you signed up for it using your Google account. The picture associated with your Google Pay account is the same as your Google account picture, and you have the flexibility to change or remove it whenever you wish. Having a photo aids you and others in easily identifying your Google Pay account and transactions.

In this article, we have demonstrated how to remove a profile photo from your Google Pay account, allowing you to manage your virtual identity on the platform. If you have any other questions about the app, feel free to ask in the comments below. Stay tuned to our website for more informative content!

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