How to Play Wii Games on Android

Swipe, tilt, and tap the past to your present-day smartphone!

Released in 2006, Nintendo Wii consoles offered many such unique titles which made it a favorite among players of all ages. However, the sad part is that Nintendo discontinued the production of Wii back in 2013. Want to experience the nostalgia and reminisce about the good old days? Well, our guide will help you as we will show you how to play Wii Games on your Android smartphones. Without further delay, let’s get started.

How to Play Wii Games on Android

Can Android Run Wii Games and How to Play on It?

While Android cannot run Wii Games natively, there’s a workaround. You need to install a good emulator app that can imitate the interface and feel of a Wii console. One of the best emulators for Android is the Dolphin Emulator app. As a vast majority of titles are compatible with the Dolphin emulator, you can load up your favorite ones and start playing without any hassle. 

Note: We do not endorse any such apps/software that offer such content/services; therefore, use these at your discretion.

Step 1: Install Dolphin Emulator

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone and search for the Dolphin Emulator app.

2. Tap on Install.

Tap on Install.

Step 2: Download Wii Games

Dolphin Emulator does not have any games pre-installed by default. So, you need to download games separately from the internet. All emulator games are available as ROM files.

1. Visit a Wii ROM website such as Emulator Games.

2. Select a game or games of your choice. For example, in this case, Need For Speed – The Run and tap on Save Game.

Select a game or games of your choice. For example, in this case, Need For Speed - The Run and tap on Save Game.

The game’s ROM file Will be downloaded to your smartphone’s storage.

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Step 3: Extracting and Arranging Game Files in order

ROM files are always downloaded in a compressed format, that is, in ZIP, RAR, or 7Z format. You need to unzip the files on your Android smartphone and extract them to retrieve the original game.

1. Install the RAR app from the Google Play Store.

2. Once installed, open it, and go to the directory where you’ve downloaded the ZIP or 7Z file.

3. Locate and select the game file and then tap on the extract icon at the top.

Now tap on the extract option at the top.

4. Tap on OK at the bottom right corner to continue.

Step 4: Add Games to Dolphin Library

Now that you’ve installed Dolphin Emulator, you need to load these ROMs into the same. Follow the steps:

1. Open Dolphin Emulator. and tap on Wii in the navigation bar at the top.

2. Tap on Add Games in the bottom right corner.

Tap on the Add Games icon in the bottom right. | how to play Wii games on Android

3. Navigate to the directory where the extracted file is located.

Navigate to the directory where the extracted file is located.

4. Tap on USE THIS FOLDER’and then on ALLOW to allow access to that folder for the emulator.

The game will now appear in the Wii section.

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Step 5: Learning your Way through Controls and Settings

If you go to the home screen of Dolphin Emulator, you will see a cog wheel icon, which is the Settings option. Here, you can find many actions, including:

  • Redesigning the overlay controls
  • Modifying the settings
  • Taking screenshots

As Wii games demand a lot of resources, it is advised to lower some settings. What’s more, you can also connect a controller to the emulator. Although you can have a touch-based virtual joystick on your phone screen, controllers can help you play multiplayer with your friends.

We hope our guide helped you play Wii games on Android using the Dolphin emulator. If you have queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned to TechCult for more such informative blogs.

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