How to Play WAV Files on Android

WAV files, known for their high audio quality, are a great choice for storing sounds and lossless music. And the best part is that Android devices generally support these files. But, how do you access them if they are not supported in yours? Well, in our quick guide, we have provided some easy methods to play your WAV files on your Android device. Let’s begin.

How to Play WAV Files on Android

How to Listen to WAV Files on Android

It’s easy to play WAV files on Android as most Android players support the WAV format and do not require an external app or plugin. You can just open the WAV file and you’ll be prompted to the default music play and the file will start playing.

However, if you are struggling to play it directly, then follow the below methods:

Method 1: Install a WAV Player

Tons of WAV players are available on Google Play Store such as VLC, Windows Media, or AIMP that you can download and use on your phone to play WAV files without any charges.

Here we have provided steps for VLC, one of the most popular media players:

  1. Go to Play Store and install VLC Media Player for Android.
  2. Once installed, open it, and provide all the necessary permissions.
  3. Now, in the audio section, locate the WAV file and play it.

play WAV file in VLC

Method 2: Play WAV Files Through the Browser (Jumpshare)

Although it is not an ideal option to play WAV files using a browser, you can try it if you fail to get it on a media player.  Most browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc. support the WAV format.

Jumpshare is an online media player that supports WAV format. It has an easy interface and works on every browser.

  1. Visit the Jumpshare official website.
  2. Tap on Choose WAV file and browse the audio on your phone.
  3. Tap on Open and the file will be played on your browser player.

tap on Choose WAV file

Method 3: Convert WAV to MP3

Converting a WAV to an MP3 file is a sure-shot method to play WAV audio on Android.

There are many converters available online and on the Play Store. WAV to MP3 Audio Converter app is easy to use and works seamlessly on any Android phone.

  1. Open Play Store and install WAV to MP3 Audio Converter.
  2. Grant the necessary permissions to the app.
  3. Click on the Change folder button at the bottom and select the WAV audio that you want to convert into MP3 format.
  4. Click on Next and select the quality options out of 320, 192, and 128 Kbps.
  5. Your file will be converted within a few seconds.

tap on next

Why Can’t My Phone Play WAV Files?

Generally, WAV format is supported in Android devices, and playing them is not complicated. But if you are facing trouble accessing them on your phone there could be the following reason behind the issue:

  • Your phone not supporting WAV format.
  • The WAV file that you are trying to open is corrupt.
  • If your phone’s storage is low, some functions might stop working including media players.
  • There might be a chance that your phone’s media player is outdated or overloaded with cache files.

Can MP3 Player Play WAV Files?

Yes, most MP3 players support WAV files because it is a widely supported audio format. However, a few old or basic MP3 players might face issues accessing a WAV file.

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We hope our guide helped you play WAV files on your Android phone. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to TechCult for more helpful guides.

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