How to Pin a Comment on TikTok

Unlock the power of engagement on TikTok with the ability to pin comments.

As one of the leading social media platforms, TikTok enables users to share creative short videos on diverse subjects. With an array of features like sound effects, voiceovers, and stickers, users can unleash their creativity. Among the commonly asked questions is how to pin a comment on TikTok. This comprehensive guide delves into the step-by-step process of pinning comments, providing all the necessary details.

How To Pin A Comment On TikTok

How to Pin a Comment on TikTok

Pinning a comment on TikTok is easier than you think. At present, you can only pin one comment on TikTok, and the desktop app has more limited comment functionality compared to the mobile app. If you wish to pin a comment on your computer, you’ll require an Android or iOS emulator like BlueStacks. While the process may be slightly more involved than on mobile, this guide will walk you through the same.

Method 1: On iPhone

If you are using the iOS app of TikTok on your iPhone, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Open the TikTok app and sign in to your account.

2. Go to your post where you want to pin a comment.

3. Tap on the three-dotted icon or the Comments icon to open the comments section.

4. Swipe down and find the comment you want to pin.

5. Long press the comment until a pop-up displays.

6. Tap Pin comment.

Note: If you pin another comment while a comment is already pinned, the current pinned comment will be replaced. Here are the steps to replace it:

1. Open the comments section by tapping on the three-dotted bubble icon.

2. Find the desired comment, and long-press it until a pop-up appears.

3. Tap Pin and replace.

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Method 2: On an Android Smartphone

If you are using TikTok on a smartphone powered by Android, here are the steps you need to follow to pin a comment on TikTok:

1. Open the TikTok Android app on your device and sign in to your account.

2. Find the post where you want to pin a comment.

3. Tap the Comments button below the Likes counter.

4. Press and hold the comment that you want to pin.

5. When the new pop-up appears, tap Pin comment.

Note: The steps to replace the pinned comment are the same. In the final step, you need to tap Pin and replace, and the previous pinned comment will be replaced by the new comment.

Method 3: On Computer using BlueStacks

BlueStacks is one of the most popular Android/iOS emulators in the market. There is no option to pin a comment directly from the TikTok web app or desktop app. This can be done on your computer through an Android emulator. Follow the steps given below to pin a comment on TikTok on your computer.

1. Visit the BlueStacks official website on your computer.

2. Download and install BlueStacks on your device.

Download and install BlueStacks on your device

3. After the installation is complete, open BlueStacks if it does not launch directly.

4. Sign in with your Google account to open Google Play Store on BlueStacks.

Sign in with your Google account to Google Play Store on BlueStacks | How To Pin A Comment On TikTok

5. Double-click on Play Store to launch it, or click on Open Google Play. To continue, you may need to Accept the Terms of Service.

Click on Open Google Play

6. On the search bar, type TikTok. Click Install.

On the search bar, type TikTok. Click Install | How To Pin A Comment On TikTok

7. After TikTok is installed, click Open and Log in to TikTok with your account.

8. Find the post where you want to pin a comment and click on the Comments button.

9. Long press the comment you want to pin.

10. Click on Pin comment when the popup appears.

Note: The steps to unpin a comment and replace a pinned comment are similar. Once a comment is pinned, click on it to get a pop-up that has Unpin option in it. Click on another comment to get a pop-up with the Pin and Replace option.

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Can I Pin Comments on TikTok?

Yes, you can very easily pin comments on TikTok. Various social media and video-sharing platforms like Instagram and YouTube also have this feature of pinning comments to the top, and TikTok is no exception.

What Happens When a Comment Gets Pinned on TikTok?

When you pin a comment on TikTok, it simply appears on top of all other comments. You may want to pin someone’s comment for various reasons:

  • The person who commented is your favorite.
  • The one who commented is a celebrity and you want to flaunt their comment on your post.
  • Your post has gone viral, and out of many comments, you want to show the best at the top.

The pinned comment will always appear at the top of the comments section. It will not matter when the comment was posted and how many recent comments are posted after it.

We hope that this guide has helped you learn everything about how to pin a comment on TikTok. Also, feel free to leave your comments below on whether you were able to do so successfully. We’ll be happy to know!

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