How to Open Refined Microsoft Teams in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Make your Teams experience more refined and less time consuming!

Organizations all across the world use Microsoft Teams as their go-to collaboration tool to work productively. Users appreciate its fantastic features like scheduling meetings, in-built One Drive, and much more. But no matter how good something is, it can always be made better. Refined Microsoft Teams brings more improved features like bulk-adding members, making the add-on literally improved! So, add it to your Google Chrome and Firefox right away.

How to Open Refined Microsoft Teams in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

How to Open Refined Microsoft Teams in Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox

Now, the Microsoft Teams Web app can improve teamwork and optimize workflow by adopting this extension, which makes it a useful tool for enhancing your collaboration experience.

What is Refined Microsoft Teams?

Refined Microsoft Teams is a browser extension that adds additional features to the Microsoft Teams web browser app. It enables you to bulk add members into Teams groups. It keeps Teams always available, so you won’t have to move your mouse to stay online. Also, it provides customization options like a dark mode or a calendar view.

Note: You can only use Refined Microsoft Teams on the web app, not the desktop app.

Option 1: On Google Chrome

Unfortunately, you cannot download the Refined Microsoft Teams extensions on Chrome yet. To install it, you will have to download the ZIP file from Chrome Stats.

Note: This extension was removed from Chrome Web Store on 2 July 2021 due to Chrome Web Store policy violation. So, download and use at your own risk!

1. Open Chrome browser and search Refined Microsoft Teams in Chrome on the Google Stats page.

2. Click on Download ZIP file.

Click on Download ZIP file | refined microsoft teams

3. Sign in to your Google Account and click on Download ZIP file again.

4. Select Download now.

5. Navigate to chrome://extensions in the Chrome browser.

6. Turn the toggle on for Developer mode and select the Load unpacked option.

Select the Load Unpacked option

7. Choose the folder containing the downloaded Microsoft Teams ZIP file and hit Enter.

Your browser now has Refined Microsoft Teams.

Option 2: On Firefox

You can directly get Refined Microsoft Teams on Firefox. Here’s how:

1. Open the Firefox Add-on page and search Refined Microsoft Teams.

2. Click on Add to Firefox.

Click on Add to Firefox | refined microsoft teams

3. Click on Add in the pop-up.

Select Add

4. Tick on Allow this extension on Private Windows > Okay.

Refined MS Teams will now be installed on Mozilla Firefox.

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How to Use Refined Microsoft Teams to Bulk Import and Add Members in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Extension

Follow the steps below to bulk-add members in Refine MS Teams:

1. Login to your Microsoft Teams in the web browser and click on Teams from the left panel.

2. Click on the three dots and select Manage team.

select Manage team

3. Select Add members.

4. Add the email of members followed by the ; (semicolon symbol) after every username and click on Bulk import.

click on Bulk import | refined microsoft teams

All members will be added bulk added to your meeting.

Refined Microsoft Teams Version History Chrome & Firefox

The list of all the version history of Refined MS Teams in Chrome and Firefox is listed below. The version history for Chrome is not available as the extension has been removed from the Web Store.

Version Released Date Size Compatibility
Version 0.2.3 December 27, 2019 120.04 KB Firefox 48.0 and above
Version 0.2.4 December 27, 2019 119.85 KB Firefox 48.0 and above
Version 0.3.1 March 16, 2020 118.86 KB Firefox 48.0 and above
Version 0.3.2 March 17, 2020 124.21 KB Firefox 48.0 and above
Version 0.3.3 March 18, 2020 124.37 KB Firefox 48.0 and above
Version 0.3.5 April 5, 2020 24.8 KB Firefox 48.0 and above
Version 0.3.7 July 02, 2021 20.84 KB Firefox 48.0 and above

Refined Microsoft Teams is a great way to save your time and enjoy new features offered by Microsoft. If you frequently need to create huge teams, then adding users one by one might be quite a chore. So go ahead and take the full benefits of the new extension and let us know in the comment section about your favorite features.

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