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How to Move Apps to SD Card on Android

Android phones are getting more & more storage space with each passing day. Although, the older versions have lesser storage space and RAM. Moreover, a large amount of device storage is occupied by the Android operating system and preloaded or in-built apps. When you keep installing more apps, clicking photos and downloading videos, then you risk running out of space. Fortunately, Android devices support SD cards and apps can be moved to it instead of removing them. Today, we will discuss how to move apps to SD card on Android from Internal Device Memory.

How to Move Apps to SD Card Android1

How to Move Apps to SD Card on Android Devices

Having expandable storage in your device is an added advantage. It is very easy and safe to transfer applications to SD cards on Android devices.

Note: Since smartphones don’t have the same Settings options, and they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer hence, ensure the correct settings before changing any.

1. From the App Drawer on Homescreen, tap Settings.

2. A list of options will be displayed on the screen. Here, tap Applications.

3. Tap on All option to open all apps.

All the Applications including the default ones will be displayed | How to Move Apps to SD Card Android

4. Tap the App that you want to move to the SD card. We have shown Flipkart as an example.

5. Now, tap on Storage as shown.

Tap on Storage.

6. If the selected application supports the feature to be moved, an option to Move to SD card will be displayed. Tap on it to move it to SD card.

Note: If you want to switch the storage option back to internal memory, select Internal Memory in place of SD card in Step 6.

This is how to move apps to SD card on Android smartphones and vice-versa.

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How to Use SD Card as Internal Storage

The above method on how to move apps to SD card on Android is applicable only for cases where the said application supports the storage switching option. An SD card can be used as internal storage memory for apps that do not support this feature as well. All apps and multimedia files get automatically stored to SD card thereby, relieving the burden of internal storage space. In this scenario, the SD card and internal memory will turn into a large, unified storage device.

Note 1: When you use an SD card as an internal storage device, it can only be used in that particular phone, unless you format it.

Note 2: Also, the device will function only when the SD card is inserted into it. If you try to remove it, a factory reset will be triggered.

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Step I: Erase SD Card

Firstly, you should erase your SD card before changing the default storage location to SD card.

1. Place the SD card into your device.

2. Open device Settings > More settings.

3. From the list of options displayed on the screen, tap on RAM and storage space, as shown.

Here, enter into RAM and storage space | How to Move Apps to SD Card Android

4. Tap on SD card and then, tap Erase SD card, as depicted below.

click on Erase SD card.

6. On the next screen, you will get a warning stating This operation will erase the SD card. You will lose data!. Confirm your choice by tapping on Erase SD card again.

Click on Erase SD card | How to Move Apps to SD Card Android

Step II: Change Default Storage Location

You can now set your SD card as the default storage location by following Steps 7-9.

7. Navigate to Settings > Storage, as shown. 

in Settings tap on Storage, Honor Play Android Phone

8. Here, tap on Default location option.

tap on default location option in Storage Settings, Honor Play Android Phone

9. Tap on your SD card (e.g. SanDisk SD card)

Note: Some SD cards may be slow in processing. Before turning your SD card into internal storage memory, make sure that you select an SD card fast enough to maintain the optimum performance of your Android device.

tap on Default location then, tap on SD card, Honor Play Android Phone

Now, your device default storage location will be set to SD card and all the apps, photos or videos and files you download hereon will be saved in SD card.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you could learn how to move apps to SD card on Android. If you have any queries, then drop them in the comments section below.

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